James Caan is looking to make waves in the design & publishing Industry with new partnership

James Caan has added Whistlefish Galleries to his business growth advisory portfolio, a relationship which marks an important step in the publishing firm’s mission to become the leading designer and retailer of quality, affordable cards and prints in the South West of England.

The Whistlefish Galleries were launched in 1996 on the back of a Princes Trust loan to founder and designer, Lyn Thompson. Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength emerging as one of the country’s leading publishers and retailers of art cards and prints.

There are currently eleven retail outlets scattered throughout the South West of England, each retailing unique high quality affordable art work created by The Whistlefish Galleries design and publishing team. The Whistlefish Galleries prides itself on producing hundreds of premium-quality designs created by talented local artists whilst really shaking up the industry with its unrivalled prices.

Commenting on the new partnership, Lyn Thompson, Managing Director of the Whistlefish Galleries said: “The publishing industry is a highly saturated and competitive sector but The Whistlefish Galleries are here to disrupt sector trends. HB Prime Advantage’s resources and expertise, underpinned by our shared value and vision, will help The Whistlefish Galleries in facilitating growth and market leadership as we move forward into the next stages of our business strategy.”

The Whistlefish Galleries will be working alongside franchise expert, Brian Farrugia from HB Prime Advantage, who will sit at board level with the business. Brian is a highly experienced business leader who has built a successful career developing and expanding business franchises. Brian is excited to be working with such an innovative business looking to change the face of the art and card publishing world. “This is an ever evolving industry and I am personally delighted to play such a vital role in creating business success, furthering growth and development and creating local employment opportunities through this innovative business model.”

The Whistlefish Galleries showcases British talent at its best, utilising a group of the South West of England’s most talented artists to create unique designs the brand has quickly gained a deserved reputation for quality production and affordability. A strong believer in nurturing local talent, Brian is excited to celebrate real British talent and entrepreneurial spirit through this exiting endeavour.

Commenting on the partnership Caan said: “The health and vitality of British SMEs are critical to the country’s economic growth. I am delighted to have partnered with The Whistlefish Galleries; their unique business model is challenging the publishing industry which will see significant value delivered to both the customer and the artists involved, creating opportunity at every level.”