Get ready for a sunny vacation

sunny vacation

Hey, what’s that glowing orange orb in the sky, the one that will blind you if you look directly at it?

It’s easy to forget when you’re struggling through another cold Northern winter, but that glowing orb is actually the sun, and it pops out from time to time, although not nearly enough in January.

Humans need the sun to survive, for lots of reasons. Depending on where you live, you may go weeks without really seeing the sun in winter.

Sure, you have sunlight for a few hours every day (unless you live in the Arctic Circle), but cloudy, dreary days where you can’t really bask in the rays of the sun can still do a number on you mentally as well as physically.

Why go to the gym after work when the sun is setting while you’re clocking out? There are ways to fight those doldrums, though.

Toughing it out is one option, but sometimes, you gotta start planning your escape, at least temporarily. Not everyone can move to California or Arizona or Texas. Not everyone wants to move to those places, but everyone can experience a sunny vacation.

Pick your place

Where do you want to go to get your share of Vitamin D? Florida is called “The Sunshine State” for a reason, and it’s got a ton of popular theme parks if that’s your thing. California is “The Golden State,” and while it’s not because of the great tans the residents there have, it might as well be (it’s actually because of the state’s history with gold).

You can experience the Golden Gate Bridge and the amazingly crooked streets of San Francisco, or you can head all the way down to Southern California for a full blast of sunshine. The Los Angeles area is a great place to vacation, as is the San Diego area that’s located approximately 100 miles south of the City of Angels.

Once you’ve zeroed in on your place, it’s time to research all the lodging options. There are hotels, timeshares, and even private rentals. Whatever you do, look up some reviews first.

Look up as many reviews as possible; don’t just rely on one website, since you never know if that website has a secret agenda or attracts a lot of fake reviews.

Let’s say you’re intrigued by the Welk Resorts company. Before you book, do a search for “Welk resorts review” or “Welk resorts reviews.” It’s important to inform yourself before you give anybody your credit card number.

Prepare yourself

Some people like to start exercising and get a little healthier before they go on a vacation where they’ll be wearing a swimsuit or a rash guard swimsuit.

That’s a personal decision only you can make. If you do decide to exercise, you can do it a little or a lot. You can eat your normal diet or go all in with the workouts and protein supplements like Humapro.

Don’t go too overboard, as consuming a lot of protein can cause digestive issues and dehydration. And don’t feel like you have to start working out and starving yourself just because you’re going on vacation.

It’s a highly personal choice; only you can decide if doing so will enhance your vacation or stress you out at a time when you’re supposed to be getting ready to relax.