Examining the job hunting climate in the UK: Why is finding a job so difficult?


The job hunting climate of today is completely different from that of a generation ago, and many people now find it hard to find a permanent and full-time job of any kind, not least within the area that they hope to work in.

There are a number of different factors that have led to these contemporary challenges, some of which are down to the political and economic turbulence within the UK and beyond, and some due to changing technology and the way that impacts upon the world of business and employment. In this guide, we’ll look at why finding a job in the UK today is so difficult, and the steps job hunters can take to overcome contemporary challenges.

The Impact of Brexit

One word more than any other has dominated the political and socio-economic landscape of the last two years: Brexit. Whatever side of the debate you were on, the fact remains that the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, and the aftermath of this withdrawal, will have long lasting effects upon our economy.

Businesses within the retail and manufacturing sectors could be particularly badly hit based upon recent months that have seen companies such as Toys R Us, House of Fraser and even 99p Stores face huge financial difficulties. Jobs within retail could be especially difficult to gain in the coming years because of this uncertainty, so those who were thinking of entering a retail profession may be forced to look for alternative careers.

The Rise of Zero Hours Contracts

The good news on the UK job front is that employment now stands at 75.6% according to the latest official figures, which is a record high. If we look further into the statistics however, it can be seen that many of these jobs are either self-employed roles or jobs that have zero hours contracts.

The rise of zero hours contracts has been one of the most noticeable changes to the work environment in the last few years. This is attractive to employers because it can keep their overheads low, allowing them to become more competitive and more profitable.

It can also be attractive to those who are looking for casual or temporary work, such as students in search of an extra income, but once again it makes it difficult for those who are in search of full time jobs that can lead to fulfilling and lifelong careers.

The Need for Experience

Those looking for a career for life won’t find it in a zero hours job, but that doesn’t mean they should turn their back on them completely. One of the main stumbling blocks facing job hunters in today’s climate is that they don’t have the experience that businesses are looking for in their new employees.

This has often been blamed for the unduly high proportion of recent graduates who are out of work, but whilst taking on low paid or zero hours jobs is far from ideal, it does provide an opportunity to gain all important work experience.

Common skills learned within any working environment include the ability to follow instructions, work with others as part of a team and on your own initiative, and above all else it shows that a person is dedicated and reliable. These skills can make your CV stand out from the crowd when it comes to gaining a job that you really want.

Keeping Track of Employment Opportunities

The job market is growing, but so are the number of people applying for jobs and the number of ways in which jobs are being advertised, so it can be hard for job seekers to keep track of all the opportunities which are available at any one time.

One way to increase your chances of job hunting success is to join employment agencies, as they understand the local employment situation better than anybody and already have contacts with employers looking for workers with your skills and experience.

The difficulty is, however, that joining multiple recruitment agencies can take up lots of time, which is why modern solutions like Job Nexus are proving so popular. Acting on information you provide, they ensure that your details quickly reach the recruiters who are most suited to your needs. This can greatly accelerate the job seeking process and takes the leg work out of joining the job market.

For those struggling to find a job, it can seem that there’s never been a more challenging time to gain employment, but there is also a wealth of new opportunities available to help job hunters.

This is primarily because of the advantages that new technology brings, so use them to your benefit by keeping an eye on potential employers’ social media feeds and by signing up to online recruitment specialists. Even with Brexit’s uncertain impact looming, it’s still possible to land a job that you’ll love.