eSports and gambling – A match made in heaven


Esports has an ever-expanding cult following. Considering its massive audiences , it remains surprisingly under the radar.

The esports gambling market is exploding alongside viewership
(and prize money!). This is exactly why now is a great time to get in on the esport gambling
game and its projected $8 Billion in 2019 wagers .

The industry continues to grow : from 280 million viewers in 2016 to a projected 557 million by
next year. It is rivaling traditional sports as well. The League of Legends World Championship
attracted 21.8 million viewers , compared to game 7 of the World Series at 23.2 million. This
sport is just emerging from its shell.

Getting Started with Esports Betting

The main thing to keep in mind with esports wagering is to use a trusted sportsbook . Some
operations are fly-by-night, while others offer bonuses for new members , so be sure to shop

The other important thing is to be familiar with and excited about the games. League of
Legends and Dota (Defense of the Ancients) are the largest and most lucrative. They tend to
generate the most hype, which means the most wagers! They also have the biggest prizes;
Winning the Dota II tournament in 2019 was worth $30 million.

League of Legends and Dota are similar in that in each game two teams go against each other
to invade the other’s base and destroy a heavily-protected object. You can check out their
Youtube channels to find favourite teams or players.

Overwatch is slightly less popular, but still enjoy overwhelmingly large popularity with 50 million
players worldwide. It is a team-based first-person shooter. If you wanna get caught up, you can
watch all official matches on their Youtube channel.

With most seasons just starting , I recommend getting into the fray as soon as possible. This
way, you can be ready for the big event coming later in the Summer and Fall.

Be sure to check out the esports calendar , so you can plan your betting appropriately.

eSports’ Gambling Potential

The esports market is exploding around the globe . In fact, the Overwatch League is starting
its third season by traveling to scheduled games across North America, Europe, and East Asia.

In addition to this, gamblers and esports players have a lot in common, suggesting that as the
esports betting infrastructure appears, we can expect even more spectacular growth in that

According to Gamescape , the average age is 27, and 70% of esports viewers are male. These
statistics are basically identical to online sports bettors. It makes sense! As tech-oriented
people , they are prone to be interested in both of these venues. It is, therefore, no surprise that
this same study found that 25% of esports viewers place bets on esports.

I expect that percentage to go up, even as the raw numbers skyrocket. One reason is that
many esports betting sites are just now being set up. FanDuel is the first U.S.-based operator to
offer odds on esports tournaments in a few US states in 2019. It opened with the League Of
Legends World Championship in November.

With such optimistic projections in esports athletes, viewerships, and market growth, now is a
great time to get in on the excitement!