Ensuring your customers have a good user experience

online shopping

Nothing will drive viewers away from your site quicker than a bad user experience. If your website is difficult to navigate or makes them jump through hoops to find what they are searching for, they won’t hang around for long.

It’s estimated you have between 2 and 4 seconds to encourage a viewer to look deeper at your website, but if you achieve this, you then need to make sure they stay and revisit. It is always good to win new customers, but it’s equally important you can retain the existing ones too.

Researching your potential client base cannot be underestimated. Getting to know your target audience, and targeting your marketing to appeal to them will help you to achieve your goals. Whether you opt to market through social media, selling through your website, or a combination of both, once they click on your site they need to feel it is secure and exactly what they have been looking for.

The Demise Of Some Industries

There are some industries that have been adversely affected by the digital revolution. Sales of watches have dropped dramatically because of the smartphone and tablet boom, spearheaded by Apple and Samsung, ensures we always have the right time. Most devices can take photos that have better resolution than all but the most expensive of cameras.  They generally have navigation built into them, so who needs a sat nav anymore? These are just three of the industries that have suffered, but others have benefitted greatly.

Just one example of this is online casinos. It’s now easier than ever to enjoy the thrill of online gambling, of course, and more and more people are enjoying the thrill of online casino games, with the industry having experienced an inflation of 161.43% in the last ten years. Online casino Omnia Casino offers a fantastic range of games that allow users to enjoy the thrill of gambling without having to brave the outdoors, and to this end, the gambling industry has been positively affected. Fashion brands have embraced the digital world, with fashion powerhouses like Hermes heavily reaching into the social sphere. Real estate agents like Right Move have surpassed any growth enjoyed by physical agents. Even insurance brokers, like Direct Line, are using their online offerings as a central part of their marketing campaign.

The Digital Revolution

Just as our current history books talk about the Industrial Revolution, there is no doubt future history books will discuss the Digital Revolution. The use of digital devices has had a huge effect on the way we live, and the explosion of smartphones and tablets has had one of the biggest impacts.

These devices allow people to do whatever they want while on the move, and any website that cannot be accessed by them will be at a big disadvantage. It does not matter what trade or profession the website covers, they all need to be responsive to all types of devices.

Over half of Internet usage is now from mobile devices, and this trend is set to continue to grow. Do not lose out on sales for your business because you have fallen behind in this technological world. Although physical shops will probably always be needed, it’s much easier to buy online and often much cheaper as well.

Embracing digital media is important for any business that wants to succeed, as without the easy access it allows, your business is likely to fall by the wayside. Between that and the eCommerce revolution taking hold of all industries, it’s vitally important for your business to stay side-by-side with all things technology.