Why a joint venture is sometimes the right venture

joint business ventures

With only 40 er cent of businesses surviving past the five year mark, it is no secret that becoming an entrepreneur can be tricky.

The path to success is riddled with hurdles and business owners can often struggle with the immense responsibility it takes to run all aspects of the business. Sole traders hold the burden of the business by themselves, franchises can restrict creative control and partnerships can quickly go sour as creative differences arise.

So just how can you go about starting a successful business venture? Danny Parr the Business Launch Director of The Recruit Venture Group gives six reasons why launching as a joint venture is a great way to kick start your career as a business owner.

Starting-up as a joint venture accelerates wealth and business creation.

Traditionally there have been two ways of reaching the top, you can either work your way there or buy your way there (in the form of a franchise or similar). These traditional options consume either an enormous amount of your time and life or a considerable amount of money.

In addition, even once you are at the top you are still governed by someone else’s rules and restrictions.The joint venture model puts you at the top of your own company immediately, free from the strict restraints of a franchise model.

As a joint venture there no restrictions on where you can and can’t trade giving you the freedom to grow your business the way you want to. You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul and you can create a successful business and wealth for your future.

The results will outstrip any solo attempt

Anyone can start a business, what you have to understand is what it takes to grow and scale a business to a tangible size which will be rewarding. Many solo start-ups flounder and ultimately reach a glass ceiling as they battle with juggling clients and candidates over systems and finances.

You want to reap rewards quickly in business and the venture model proves rapid growth and financial success much quicker for focused recruiters. The results far outstrip any solo attempt. We see many joint ventures into millions in the first year of trading.

The resources you need to succeed are on hand

A good joint venture partner, like The Recruit Venture Group, has been through all the pitfalls and problems, dealt with the suppliers, the standards, the training, the software, the endless calls to change this provider and that service. The right joint venture partner should hand to you, on a plate, the exact resources you need to succeed, giving your business the best possible chance of success. With the right resources behind you this can be accelerated ten times over with less heartache and pain and greater rewards than you probably believe today.

No need to worry about laws, regulations, HR and systems?

With a good joint venture partner, every resource should be available or signposted for you.

With The Recruit Venture Group, accounts and finances are done, systems and technology is set-up, dealing with banks and cash-flow is taken care of and the support teams in HR, legal, accounts, payroll and IT are all in place in-house to back up our joint ventures partners. No other start-up model gives you the support you will get as a joint venture, regardless of your sector and industry you should be able to hit the ground running.

Do what you do best

A great deal of talent and successful business is lost to the world for want of a little courage, a joint venture partner gives you the support to bolster your courage and ensures you can make that leap without financial worry or loss of focus on your goal.

You can create your team from the best people you can find from launch, no financial restrictions holding you back. Build a motivated team of professionals, set your quotas, focus your targets purely on sales and sourcing and everyday do what you do best while we take care of the rest.