The professional skills you need to succeed in 2020

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Professional development has always been important if you wish to climb the ladder of success and achieve the best possible position in your chosen field.

However, as technology continues to develop it is likely that the workplace you know to do will be significantly different by 2020. You need to start developing your professional skills today. Taking the right course will help significantly especially if you are hoping to work in the public sector; you’ll need the best government and public sector courses.

Artificial Intelligence

There are arguments both for and against the development of artificial intelligence but whatever your position it seems likely that it will continue to develop. This means you need to develop the professional skills to deal with A.I. in the future.

This is not as difficult as it sounds, you don’t need to know exactly how everything works. You do need to know what technology is supposed to do and how to monitor it. You’ll also need to be capable of trusting others to provide accurate feedback that will allow you to assess the function of your A.I. robots.

In effect you’ll need to be able to make sense of what technology is supposed to be doing and whether it is actually performing correctly.


The change in technology will mean that industries can change overnight. New business can spring up and competition change in a heartbeat. You’ll need to be exceptionally flexible in order to deal with these issues and find a solution that works for you and the business.


To deal with the daily issues you won’t just need to be flexible. You’ll also need to be creative. There will be many times when a fast response is needed, all you will have is the tools in front of you and you’ll need to come up with a creative solution fast.

It’s easy to practice your creativity today by imagining different scenarios and how you would deal with them.


As the world shrinks through the ability to connect with others it will become even more important to have the ability to connect with others in a direct way and know how to interpret their response. This will help to drive opportunities towards you but you need to be able to do this both online and in person.

Cultural Awareness

The world is becoming increasingly diverse, even fashion has been affected by gender neutral clothing. Professionals in 2020 will need to be able to deal with a wide array of cultures and cultural settings. This will need to be done respectfully while still getting the desired results.

Virtual Collaborations

Digital technology will increase the ability of people to work remotely. This means you’ll need to develop the necessary skills to handle the cultural issues while ensuring good collaboration is undertaken. Time differences and approaches to work will need to be taken into consideration when virtually collaborating to ensure the best possible results are achieved.

In short the professional will need to have a diverse range of skills in 2020 if they wish to remain competitive and relevant; you need to start developing these skills today.