Relocating to work in the USA? Here’s what you should know

Moving to the USA

Working in the United States can be a great opportunity. Aside from new experiences, you also get to enjoy a culture that’s both similar yet different at the same time.

It’s important to note that when planning to live in any new country, preparedness is essential.

If you’ve been offered a new opportunity to relocate to the USA for work, it’s only natural to have questions as well. There are things that you might already know but there’s still much to learn. When relocating for work in the US, you can get plenty of information from government websites both on the state and federal level. If you already have a set location, local websites will also be helpful.

It is said that the US is one of the greatest countries to relocate for new opportunities. Here’s how to prepare:

Have Your Documents and Credentials Ready

There is plenty of paperwork that you need to comply with when applying for a work visa. If you do not have a work visa yet, you should start from there. There are different visa classifications in the US like the EB5 (find EB5 visa project selection advice) that will allow you to be employed. See to it that you already have any of these visas to ensure your entry in the US. If you already have an employer before leaving for the US, it should be relatively easy to enter and find a place to rent. Make a checklist and bring with you all the necessary documents and credentials.

Each State Has Different Laws

The US has different laws when it comes to work hours, paid leave, holidays, and more. Laws might vary in different states as well. You can get this information from your employer or any state government website. See to it that you have this information in your employment contract so to avoid issues in the future.

Be Ready for the Cost of Living

The cost of living can greatly vary from state-to-state. This will depend on the locality that you will reside. Some locals live in one city and commute to work in another due to the high cost of living. Real estate, transportation, and shopping are three important factors that you should consider. Take this into consideration when choosing to settle within the proximity of the location you’ll be working.

Applying for a Credit Card

When moving from another country, it’s likely your credit status won’t follow you. Credit bureaus in the UK do not report to bureaus in the US. Of course, one of the ways to easily get a credit card in the US is to have a positive credit history. Since this is something that you’ll lack, you have to find ways how to get a local credit card or risk paying foreign transaction fees. There are ways to get a local credit card, even if you do not yet have a credit history. Don’t fall in line with thinking you have to wait for years to build a credit history before applying for a credit card. Since having a credit card is important for emergencies, utilities, and online transactions, this is one of the first things that you should consider when arriving.

Medical Insurance is a Necessity

Many employers provide medical insurance for their employees. If your employer does not provide you with medical insurance, it’s advised to apply yourself. Otherwise you might end up paying a big amount out of pocket if you do not have medical insurance when you need it. Through the Affordable Care Act, individuals have accessible and affordable insurance options.

Check Out Tourist Spots

While work might be your focus, you should still be prepared to travel! There are plenty of great places that you can check out. The Pacific Coast Highway or Route 66 are some of the most famous. Along Historic Route 66 you’ll come across the breath-taking Painted Desert of Arizona.

Whether you are relocating alone or by yourself, it’s important to know what awaits and to try to prepare as much as possible. Know the specifics about the information mentioned, personalize it, and communicate to your employer what is most important to you. Good luck across the pond!