Little Chef allowed to continue selling their famous Olympic Breakfast

With Little Chef having offered the Olympic Breakfast since 1994, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) recognise the right of Little Chef to continue to use the “Olympic” name in conjunction with its iconic breakfast.

The Olympic Breakfast, which is served up over a million times each year, remains the trademark British dish and the best-selling item on the Little Chef menu.

Graham Sims, Chairman of Little Chef comments: “The Olympic Breakfast has been in place since 1994. Our right to use the Olympic name is recognised and was an easy case for Little Chef to make. The Olympic Breakfast is a brand name in its own right, and our best-selling dish. We’re proud to sell over a million Olympic Breakfasts each year and will continue to dish up this British institution along our roadsides.”

Other businesses without such well established uses of the word’s Olympics, London 2012  should watch out as if you are using protected trademarks you could find yourself for the high jump. Read our guide to avoid getting sued here