How to beat the tube strike

Download GoToMeeting

This free app allows you to join, host or schedule a meeting right from your iPhone or iPad. Whatever the presenter shows on their screen, you see on yours, making it the ideal replacement for meetings when commuting isn’t an option. With one-tap phone conferencing and the ability to schedule future meetings and launch ad-hoc sessions, GoToMeetings is perfect for meetings on the go.

Andrew Millard, Senior Director International Marketing at Citrix, comments: “There are steps that can be taken by London companies to ensure ‘business as usual’ during times of industrial action. Our advice is to plan ahead and ensure that the right technology is in place to enable staff to work remotely if their commutes will be adversely affected.

Do your employees have their email set up on their smartphone/tablet and will they be able to access files stored safely and securely in the cloud? Does your business have video conferencing capabilities to keep that personal level of business interaction if meeting a colleague or client is no longer possible? All you need is an internet connection and a webcam and you can share your screen and video in seconds. Through simple, intelligent deployment of technology, many SMEs based in London or with links in the capital can ensure they remain operational regardless of what’s going on in the world around them.”

Ignore all distractions 

Choose where you work wisely. Place yourself away from the TV and sit at a desk or a table. If you’re working on your sofa it’s all too easy to lounge around, so create an office-like environment for yourself, it’ll keep you focused and boost your productivity.

Download Todoist

Make sure you know what you need to do and what you need to achieve so you don’t lounge around looking for something to do. Todoist sets reminders and also allows you to prioritise your tasks, as well as share assignments between your friends and colleagues. This app is perfect for managing any busy day, especially when working from home.

ConferenceCam Connect

If you need to talk to your office, this videoconferencing camera connects everyone wirelessly and delivers top quality sound and audio so you can work collaboratively. As a portable all-in-one camera, the CC Connect is the perfect solution for small group collaboration. Stay in touch with your office in style, and don’t let distance hinder your busy day.

Don’t be too strict on yourself

If you become frustrated with your work then take a quick ten minute break. After you’ve had time to cool down, go back to your desk and look at your work with a fresh mind. Don’t beat yourself up, try and relax so that you can enjoy your work.