A guide to making a will online instead of using a solicitor


What if you die and your possession lands in the wrong hands because there was no will, a document with detailed instructions to your loved ones on how your possessions should be used and shared after you die. In the past, you had to write a will with the use of a legal solicitor, who would make the will on your behalf. The services of a legal solicitor were then expensive, so many people were not really interested in making a will.

However, the future is here, you can now create a will online without even consulting a legal solicitor. It generates the same results as the conventionally drafted will from a legal solicitor, so you don’t have to worry about its validity. However, it is inexpensive and quicker to make a will online. Here is a guide to help you create a will online so that your possession can be given to your loved ones when you pass away.

Identify a suitable online will writing website

The initial step is identifying a suitable online will writing website. There are several online will be writing platforms and you can choose a suitable one. However, you should compare the charges and terms and conditions of various probate writing companies before choosing one. After deciding on the best website to create a will online, start by filling in an online form to specify your information, by answering short answer and multiple choice questions, to enable the website to create a document that meets your specified requirements. The website should allow you to come back at the document and makes changes wherever you want at any time. You can also choose the type of paper you want for your will online. You should ensure that you review the document to see if the details of your online will match your requirement and what you have in mind.

Make payment

If you are pleased by the particulars of the online will, go ahead and make payments using one of the suitable means provided by the will writing site. If the details of the online will are not pleasing, go back to the online application form and make changes of your choice. If you want to make changes to the will, review and probate again. Once you are happy, you can make payment online. Nevertheless, making payments does not mean you have concluded making your online will. At any time, you can get back and make changes to the probate.

Printing and signing on the will

If you are entirely convinced the online will is to the point and exactly as you wanted, the final stage which is important is printing and signing on the will documents. To get the full version of your online will which is now legally valid, log in to your account on the will writing website and download. To sign the online will, follow all detailed instructions offered by the will writing expert so that the probate will have your signature and print the online will.

After making an online will, the document becomes 100% legal. Although the form you fill when making an online will is not complicated, in case you find difficulties, you should seek guidance from the website online support staff. Besides, you do not need a solicitor to help you make a will online because as it is prepared by qualified will writers and legal experts. Additionally, when making an online will, the sign of the solicitor is not required, because the witnessing of the online will can be done by two beneficiaries of the will.