Getting to the top of Google with Mark Wright

This telling statistic highlights both the increasing power of digital, combined with the fact both PPC and SEO are valued marketing activities that have and are able to provide businesses with a healthy return on investment.

For the uncertain 10% and other SME’s who may question the value of both PPC and SEO, I have pulled together a short explanation with clear benefits of both activities:


Not so long ago SEO was viewed as a dark art that fooled Google and other search engines into ranking a website perhaps higher than it should be.

This has changed, and now digital marketing agencies work closely with Google to really understand its different algorithms and how they rank each and every website. As a result, this Information is then used to form an effective SEO strategy that increases the positon of a website within the Google SERPs [search engine results pages] to a rank where it is valued by both the search engine and web user.

This increase in rank comes with the following benefits:

  • Increase in brand awareness online
  • Increase in web traffic with increased position
  • Increase in online conversions


In contrast, Google AdWords is an advertising platform which offers one of the quickest routes to the top of Google – providing it is done right of course. What’s more, it has been estimated by Search Engine Land that a massive 66% of web users actually click the Google ad instead of an organic listing, which means those who don’t use Google AdWords are actually missing out on a vast proportion of web traffic.

Like SEO, PPC provides a number of clear benefits – including the following:

  • Increased brand awareness online
  • Tracked online conversions
  • Increased revenue
  • A strong return on investment for ad spend

With all listed benefits in mind, the cost of both PPC and SEO should be considered as a valued investment, as when implemented correctly, both activities guarantee an increase in web traffic and resulting positive ROI.

Interested in finding out more? Join me on Thursday 8th September, Central Working Shoreditch, where I will be hosting the first seminar and Q&A of the season – including top tips for campaign improvements and how to get you started!

We’ve had awesome feedback from our last event including:

“Last night was really useful – so many of these types of events can be fluffy and you don’t get anything more than you could get from a decent blog post on the same subject.  However, Mark incorporated lots of practical actions which were so helpful (lots of new things on my to do list today!).” Rob Arnott, Okapi Home.

“Thank you for a really valuable event. It was great to get insight and expert advice on an area of my business that I do not normally get chance to focus on. I was surprised at how much information was given away freely – has given me a lot of food for thought.” Lee manning, Raffingers.

You can purchase tickets below for the evening, the cost includes pizza, nibbles and beer and wine through the evening.

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