4 ways Cisco WebEx can improve your organisations’ communications

The modern business world is forever becoming more demanding and fast-paced, with more organisations each year relying on effective communications to conduct their operations.

This is especially so for global businesses whose teams work simultaneously round the clock in different time zones or countries across the world. In order to succeed, teams need to communicate and collaborate together effectively, in order to achieve one common goal, without suffering any setbacks. This is where Cisco WebEx comes in…

Improve meeting productivity

Businesses are often looking at new ways to improve meeting room productivity and avoiding those common meeting room problems. However, Cisco WebEx Meeting Center is an advanced web conferencing platform that offers businesses a user-friendly and intuitive method of sharing content and information. By joining to a virtual meeting room via VoIP via the app, desktop or phone call-in, you’ll be instantly connected to your peers and contribute to the meeting with ease. Not only that, but with the ability to record your meetings via voice and video, now everyone can be involved without something being missed from the minutes!

Conduct immersive events

Whether you’re launching a product or building your brand, Cisco WebEx Event Center is perfect for those who like to immerse their audience in a collaborative event that truly makes everyone feel involved. Designed for delivering polished, interactive presentations, users can benefit from screen sharing, Q&A, polling and chat for groups of 100 to 3000 people! With easy connection from any device and recording capabilities, it’s easy for everyone to join in and you can relive the event in full detail as many times as you like.

Effectively train your team

Who say’s you need a classroom to be a teacher? With Cisco WebEx Training Center, users can benefit from an online education and training resource that’s packed with tools to promote engagement in learning. Whether you’re looking to improve your employee’s product knowledge or you’re preparing a student for an examination, this insightful platform helps to make educational material more accessible to everyone. Not only that, but with polls, attendee feedback, attention indicators and breakout sessions available to all participants, hosts will be able to ensure that everyone feels involved.

Unify your business’ communications

Businesses will generally use a number of different communication and collaboration tools to conduct their daily operations that have been integrated at different times and for different reasons. However, this is not conducive to improving the way that your business communicates both internally and externally. Instead, less platforms offering more integrated features should be used to make it easier for your workforce to adopt a new way of working. By unifying your communications with Cisco WebEx, you’ll make it easier for your team to communicate and connect, no matter where they are in the world or what device they’re using.

In short, improving the way that your business communicates both internally and externally can bring a wealth of benefit to both the business and employees. Employees can benefit from greater motivation with an easy to use method of communicating and collaborating, where businesses can benefit improved productivity and quality of work.