4 reasons why students might consider apprenticeships over university

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Deciding between University and work can be challenging. However, an option that is becoming increasingly popular is to undertake an apprenticeship in a specific field.

Here are four reasons why students might consider apprenticeships over university.

Earn While Learning

The main reason and biggest incentive in pursuing an apprenticeship is the ability to earn a wage while learning. Unlike a university loan, which must be paid pack once you are in work, anything you earn on your apprenticeship is yours to keep. The field you choose will be reflected in the rate of pay you receive. The length of your apprenticeship can last between one and four years with the chance to earn more as you progress through the years.

Bear in mind that while the wage might sound appealing at first – and particularly in your first year – the more experience you have will be reflected in the wage you receive, giving you a significant incentive to carry on with your apprenticeship. Make sure to research into how much you can earn, as this will help you decide on whether an apprenticeship is right for you.

First-Hand Experience

The great thing about going into an apprenticeship as opposed to university is getting to start your working career earlier and gaining a real insight into how your chosen industry works. Being able to work and see everything first-hand will give you the relevant skills and tools needed to progress through your apprenticeship. Many businesses prefer experience over qualifications, giving another reason as to why apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular.

Many who have completed their apprenticeship have said their confidence has grown throughout it, which has enabled them to progress and go into higher positions. Also, unlike university students, an apprenticeship gives you the freedom to be hands-on and learn, as opposed to being stuck in a classroom studying. This is just another reason why apprenticeships have become so popular.

Guidance and Support

When taking an apprenticeship, you will have the guidance and support from not only your fellow co-workers but also from learning providers. When first starting an apprenticeship, it is common to make mistakes, but unlike a lot of jobs, you can speak to an adviser who can assist and help point you in the right direction. Also, all apprenticeships have direct links to colleges where you may be required to spend a day a week to help progress through your apprenticeship, however this can also be with your training provider. Having the guidance and support from both sides can be essential in how well you do overall.

Future Possibilities

Another great and key benefit of doing an apprenticeship is the endless possibilities ahead of you once you finish. Depending on how you have done, you may have the option of either staying on at your work or the potential chance of progressing through the company. Also, completing an apprenticeship can help open doors and give you a better chance of succeeding in further fields. According to the apprenticeship information from cityandguilds.com, there are studies to show that only 30% of jobs require a degree, and so many apprenticeship schemes have better job prospects than you’d first assume.

If you are still weighing up whether an apprenticeship is the right route for you, make sure you investigate case studies and first-hand reviews from those that have completed one. This will let you gain a first-hand opinion, which will help you to decide whether an apprenticeship is a possibility for you. There are many skills you can gain from an apprenticeship which can be valuable for progressing into your ideal profession.