UK edtech Purlos picks up £300K in seed funding to help educational institutions fill every seat


London-based Purlos is an edtech startup that intends to play an integral role in helping educational institutions fill every seat and pre-empt any potential shortage in student enrollment.

The company aims to provide the right support for them to plan ahead and prioritise the requirements of students. Now, the London edtech startup has secured some fresh funding to support more students.

Funding from multiple investors

Purlos announced that it raised £300K funding from multiple investors in the education industry from US, UK, and Germany. The company will use the investment to grow its team, expand its product and fuel its broader mission of supporting a minimum of 10 million students complete their education. Also, it intends to minimise the skills gaps developing all over the world.

Notably, Purlos is looking to drive adoption throughout the UK, and automate their product to be scaled across the EU and globally.

Digital assistant to connect with students

The developer of a human supported digital assistant, referred to as Jenni, has been designed to drive efficiencies for academic institutions. Purlos deploys Jenni to connect with students via WhatsApp. Answering any questions that students may have during the admission process. The edtech company ensures that students pursuing their college studies are provided with necessary support to continue developing important skills that will let them integrate and contribute to society.

Further, the company’s chatbot has the ability to persuade more students to attend virtual events and even go to their interviews. If students do go quiet she can re-engage them, highlighting to the college the risk of that person dropping-out of the admissions process.

Founded post-lockdown by David Barlett and Mohammad Salam, Purlos appears to be a result of the remote learning environment caused by the pandemic, which reduced connection and engagement between students and institutions.

Purlos works with the mission to assist 1 million college students facing a high drop-out risk all through their educational programme by 2025. The company uses innovative and tech-driven systems to connect with them and support them. Already, the edtech company has connected over 2000 students across the UK, engaging an average of 85% students per college. Purlos is on its way to support students who lack guidance and are disillusioned to reduce drop-outs.