IncuBusLDN: A new Startup incubator for Young Entrepreneurs…on a London Bus!

The company has launched two programmes which distinguishes the incubator from others (other than being based on a bus).

The 3 month programme is on the bus, with mentorship, workshops, resources and introductions helping our cohorts start their business. IncuBus also have a personal development course as we feel at this age it will be helpful in developing them into leaders that can inspire and grow their startups in the long term.

Then there is a 6 month programme which starts with 3 months work experience in a local startup picking up skills and experience of working in a startup environment. This will help our young entrepreneurs and put them in a stronger position when starting their business in the bus in the second 3 months.

However it’s fees aren’t cheap as IncuBus charge each individual a £300 fee each month and take equity in each startup.

They’ll also be offering an online membership after going through the programme which offers ongoing support of mentors, resources and online workshops for £50 a month. The online membership will help generate recurring revenue beyond the capacity of the bus.

IncuBusLDN are currently raising on Equity Crowdfunding platform Seedrs