Getting to Know You: Tunio Zafer, CEO of pCloud

Tunio Zafer

Tunio Zafer, CEO of secure cloud storage platform pCloud tells Business Matters the Covid-19 pandemic has shown, family, friends and businesses alike are reliant on cloud storage and file sharing solutions.

What do you currently do?

I am the CEO of pCloud, a secure cloud storage platform that is reshaping file access and giving teams the right tools to collaborate remotely. As the Covid-19 pandemic has shown, family, friends and businesses alike are reliant on cloud storage and file sharing solutions to keep in touch, keep their businesses moving and share previous memories. However, we also understand that such sensitive data, stored in the cloud, has for too long been harvested by tech giants to make a profit. We are driven by our mission to protect the information of individuals and businesses, helping them to collaborate while saving time and money. In our view, the importance of data security cannot be underestimated and is the foundation of our approach to the market.

What was the inspiration behind your business?

As information was becoming more and more valuable, I wanted to know there was a service that could offer robust security without limiting usability. My team and I wanted to build a highly secure platform where you could store your files and be sure they were safe. Inspiration comes from many forms, but we saw a clear need for greater security, choice and trust and are delighted to be able to blaze a trail in that way.

What defines your way of doing business?

It’s all about planning and being proactive. I believe in being prepared for a negative situation rather than reacting to it – and that defines the way we do business. Security should never be an afterthought. We live in times of rapid digital transformation, so we need to stay educated in order to be one step ahead of cybercriminals. The way we do business has to be forward-thinking, meaning we must constantly monitor and update our work practices to ensure we don’t fall behind.

What do you admire?

I admire the entire team that made pCloud possible. We built the service from scratch, which was no small task. So many hours were spent developing our infrastructure, which now handles large volumes of data and traffic securely. I am proud of every single person who worked hard to make pCloud a reality.

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

There are some small things I could have done differently along the way but overall I wouldn’t change the work we’ve done as it brought us to where we are today. Even in the earlier days of pCloud when things were hectic and we had some issues with burnout, we always had good communication. I encouraged the team to stay motivated by focusing on the bigger goal: helping millions of people to keep their information safe and secure.

What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Every company, big or small, needs to have the right attitude when it comes to security. There may be issues with time and money, but an early data breach can be far more costly when it comes to brand reputation. I would advise anyone starting out to prepare a company security guide and establish good internal policies, making sure to constantly monitor and update them. Do your research when it comes to the services you use and where you store your data. Finally, take the time to educate your employees and ensure they are prepared for any security situation that may arise. For more detailed tips, entrepreneurs can check out our pCloud blog.