Your Guide to the Thatcham Categories for Vehicle Trackers

Vehicle tracker

Installing a tracker to your vehicle has become a simple and effective way to ensure the security of your vehicle and protect it from theft.

With the bonus of lowering insurance premiums. The market is full of different types of tracker, so it can be hard to know which is best for you and your vehicle. In this guide, Trackershop have helped to highlight the differences between Thatcham categories for GPS trackers, a handy tool to help you pick your tracker.

CAT 5 Trackers

Category 5 car trackers are some of the best trackers available on the market today, offering complete protection. CAT 5 trackers have been recommended by insurance companies, particularly for high speed, high performing cars worth high values. Category 5 trackers offer the highest police spec rating in stolen vehicle recovery, they come with secure encrypted cards which the tracker will seek for when the ignition of the car is turned on. If the vehicle is turned on without this within proximity, an alert will be sent via the tracking device. The owner of the vehicle and tracker will be alerted instantly If the car is driven without this card being detected by the device. With this, the category 5 trackers also come with starter motor immobilisation allowing the car to be immobilised in the event of a high-speed police chase. This will increase your chances of recovery after theft, saving you the loss of your vehicle and money in replacing or fixing damages.

CAT 6 Trackers

CAT 6 trackers are your standard day to day tracking device, used most by car owners to keep their insurance premiums down. A CAT 6 tracker will monitor your vehicle for 24 hours of the day for 365 days a year, allowing you to keep track of the location of your vehicle. These trackers use technology including GPS, GPRS and GSM. If your vehicle is stolen the 24/7 control room, monitoring the use of trackers, will alert you to unusual activity with your vehicle. They will liaise with the police directly to ensure the fastest possible recovery. Although the CAT 6 has a slightly lower police spec rating, by installing a category 6 Thatcham approved tracker your car will have a higher chance of being returned in the event it is stolen from you. By installing a tracker approved by Thatcham this will help to lower your insurance premiums by guaranteeing the safety and security of your vehicle.

S5 Trackers

S5 Trackers are now considered, by Thatcham, to offer the highest level of security for your vehicle. As the best on the market for theft recovery it is this tracker your insurance companies may be referring to when recommending you install a tracking device to your car. For some cars, of high value, insurance companies will require you to install an S5 tracker for the high spec it offers. As an advancement from the CAT 5 trackers, the S5 trackers offer the same benefits as a CAT 5 tracker.

S7 Trackers

S7 Trackers are the latest in Thatcham approved tracking technologies. The S7 trackers have begun to replace CAT 6 trackers, with insurers now requesting vehicle owners have these installed to keep in line with their insurance policy. The latest in tracking technology, the S7 is ideal for vehicle owners looking for additional security. Using the most current ICPO technology these trackers will help locate your vehicle both at home and abroad, with use in over 100 countries. Most S7 trackers on the market will allow you to track your vehicle with the use of a smartphone, tablet, or PC, offering you ease of access. With brands such as Vodafone, Meta Trak and TrackStar manufacturing S7 trackers, the market offers you a range to choose from.