Working with a business consultant

Business consultant

By bringing in a consultant to help with running your business, it can improve overall performance by highlighting specific areas that require change.

If you hire an individual who is really good at their job, such as business consultant Andrew Barnett, then they can help your company overcome any major challenges that it may be facing, increase growth and generate more revenue. This is why before you even contact a business consultant that you check out their credentials and experience in order to see what kind of work they have previously done and if they have been successful with it. Depending on how they work, they may charge per hour, per day, per month, or per project. You should finalise all of these details before starting working with one.

Once on board, a business consultant will help your business become more efficient and thus improve how it performs. They will analyse all aspects of your business and then create solutions to any problems or inefficiencies that they find, helping you company to meet its pre determined goals in the process. If you need help or require a new perspective on how your business should be run, then hiring a business consultant could be of benefit to you.

What will they do?

A business consultant who is good at their job will revive your company by initiating change; provide a good level of expertise within your specific market and use this knowledge in order to directly influence other parties, such as lobbyists; identify problems and then teach / train staff to be equipped in dealing with them; provide a certain level of objectivity and perform the hard to do tasks, such a get rid of staff.

When a business consultant first comes on board they will begin what is known as the discovery phase. The aim of this is to learn as much as possible about the business through interacting with both the owner and with staff. This can be a lengthy process depending on the size of your business. Some of the things that they will do during this process are tour offices are warehouse facilities, go through the financial records, interview the board, interview regular employees, and read through all of the company literature.

Accepting the criticism

Any advice or criticism that is given by the business consultant should be taken in the nature that it is meant – completely constructively and in no way personally. It is the role of the business consultant to be objective and bring a totally fresh viewpoint when taking a look at your business. When owners are that close to their business, it can be difficult for them to be objective and see what changes are required in order to achieve success.

Based on the feedback that the business consultant gives, a plan between them and yourself should be determined. This is known as the implementation or restructuring phase. During this stage of the process, the business consultant builds assets whilst also simultaneously eliminating any liabilities that the company may have.