Why your company should consider creating a B2B marketplace

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A B2B marketplace is a platform for connecting a multitude of B2B buyers and a multitude of B2B sellers. This type of platform rose in 1995 with Alibaba and Amazon.

Since marketplaces have revolutionized e-commerce and continue evolving with the creation of specific marketplaces focused on specific industries. They represent opportunities to develop businesses.

A veritable booster for your business

A B2B marketplace can be assimilated to a development tool for your business. It will help you expanding products and services quickly, based on the catalog of your sellers and reach customers all over the world. Having a marketplace on the internet is essential for this type of business which tries to develop with limited risks: no constraints with stocks, nor deliveries. And it is also an important advantage facing the arrival of digital natives in the business area.

It is also an essential tool that will facilitate transactions between companies in some industries in which long-lasting calls and infinite email exchanges could be avoided.

The platform is available 24 hours a day and 365 days per year. It is a good opportunity to touch new potential clients from everywhere in the world. The difference in time zones won’t be a problem anymore. A good way to acquire new clients and develop your business worldwide.

An all-equipped swiss army Knife

Most of the solutions that propose B2B marketplace solutions will present you with a wide range of features that will help you to expand your business online from A to Z. Workflows are designed most of the time to fit the reality of B2B transactions by reproducing online what they encounter in real life: transaction processes, promotions, quotations, delivery management, etc…

As B2B marketplaces have for purpose to support your business they will also provide you with tools to help you respect your commercial politics and strategy by defining precisely prices. It would be possible for you to apply different prices according to different groups of buyers, as well as maintain negotiated contracts.

A complete managing tool

One of the main advantages of using a marketplace is to gather all the data at the same place. Indeed vendors, as buyers will connect and go on transactions. And the platform will also be the place where you could follow all the selling and buying activity.

You do not need to intervene anymore, except if you need to arbitrate a dispute. This can be also done on B2B specific platforms but will require an action from the operator side.

B2B marketplaces are also a great advantage for you to get an overview and keep control of transactions and exchanges. Indeed, you could follow thanks to dashboards and tables in most cases all the activity on the marketplace and assure you, as well as your seller that B2B marketplaces are profitable.

As the marketplace will help you expend, the platform will group for you all the new data to facilitate the management and help your company growing up.

An affordable process

We can also say that creating a B2B marketplace is economic because it will be easy-to-set-up and with no physical constraintcompared to stores. Stores will ask you to manage stocks and to spend time dealing with buyers and sellers regarding transactions and deliveries.

Every transaction step is becoming automatic. All the data are treated directly into the platform. Your working time will be then reduced on being the intermediary between sellers and buyers. Your productivity is optimized and so you diminish expenses.

B2B marketplaces gather several advantages regarding commercial and economic aspects. It is such an advantageous tool if you are playing an intermediary role between a larger number of sellers and buyers. And so, you can group your entire activity by creating a platform like this.


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