Why Short Form Video is Crashing, And How to Fix it For Your Business

Videos have become a big part of our digital lives. Whether it is downloaded movies, HD shoots, YouTube videos, or the videos you’ve shot on your phone, we love to create, edit, watch, and share them.

Videos have become a big part of our digital lives. Whether it is downloaded movies, HD shoots, YouTube videos, or the videos youve shot on your phone, we love to create, edit, watch, and share them.

But any disruption in the videos could ruin the viewing experience, and if you are using it as a means to promote your business, you could end up losing the customers. We have seen several instances where short-form video has crashed, and while many have already written off the idea of using it for their business, there is a way to fit it. Here are some common problems and their solutions to help you fix the short-form video. 

Blurry or choppy video playback

It is very frustrating to watch blurry or choppy videos and it could be due to the video recording. If you have downloaded the video, you need to check the quality as it could be due to a corrupt SD card and if you have shot it, there could be camera glitches while shooting. You might want to try and play the video in another media player and if the issue persists, try to repair the video and fix any corruptions. 

Video playing slowly 

A video can sometimes become sluggish and play very slowly or could take a very long time to buffer. This makes the entire experience highly annoying, and many people lose interest in watching the video. It could be due to the internet speed, the computer, the browser, or the video file. If the browser is a problem, it can be fixed by clearing the cache and then updating the video card driver. If the internet is the problem, it is best to use Wi-Fi to increase the speed. And if the problem remains, you should know that it is due to the video file. It could have been damaged or corrupt, and you will have to use a repair tool to fix the corruption in the video and enjoy a seamless play. 

Audio Video out-of-sync 

A mismatched or out-of-sync audio is a huge issue for your business. When it comes to short-form videos, you do not want to take the risk of using a video that isnt in sync with the audio. It can be fixed temporarily using a VLC player where you can set the audio sync manually. But it helps to use repair software and fix the audio lag issues in the video. Doing this will ensure that the video can be used for your business and does more good than harm. 

Video Flickering issue

One reason behind the short video crash is the video flickering issue and it happens when the frame rate of the camera and the speed capture varying fractions of light pulses whenever you are shooting. According to the social media experts at Lyfe Marketing, a social media marketing company, Video flickering can be solved by reshooting the video, and if that is not feasible, you can try to repair the fault using a repair software. Alternatively, you can use filters in the software to handle the issue”.

Video file corruption during edits

Video editors face the common problem of their videos getting corrupt when they are in the process of editing them. Such videos need to be fixed before they can be used for your business marketing. Use a safe application that can easily resolve issues like the sound, video frame, header, video slider, and the movement of videos. If that doesnt work, you may have to work on the damaged part using a video repair tool.

If the above-mentioned tricks arent working, heres what you can do.

Hire a professional 

The best way to deal with short-form video disruptions is to work with a professional who can handle it all for you. Some of the biggest brands like to work with professionals who can handle end-to-end marketing for them. While it might cost you money, it will certainly ensure that the videos that go on your social sites are top notch and they will convert to leads.

Diversify the marketing attempts

Do not make the mistake of using only one form of marketing. You need to look for all the ways you can reach out to the customer. It could be a Facebook post, a video, or even a photo. Try to make the most of all the options available to you. If the short form video format is not working for you, look for other alternatives like a carousal post.

It is natural to want to use videos for marketing your business, but only go ahead with it if you have top quality videos that can deliver your message and convince the customer.