Why is Working in the UK an Appealing Option for Immigrants?

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why working in the UK is so appealing to those from overseas.

The UK has always been a popular destination for immigrants, and the popularity of immigration services for business suggest that this remains unchanged despite more complex rules for those wishing to work in Great Britain.

The United Kingdom welcomed around six million non-British nationals in 2021, 35% of whom settled in England’s capital. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why the UK is such an appealing option for immigrants.

Free Healthcare Options for All

In 1948, the United Kingdom introduced the National Health Service (NHS) which meant that, for the first time, people in the UK would not have to pay directly for medical services which would, instead, be covered by taxes.

Unlike many countries across the world, healthcare in the UK remains free or heavily subsidised for all. For immigrants who struggle with healthcare costs in their own countries and who often spending more than they earn during an illness – this is a considerable benefit of relocating and working in Great Britain.

In addition, the UK’s healthcare system also offers plentiful employment for skilled medical personnel, with many immigrants forging careers in the country’s hospitals and clinics.

Employment Opportunities

Although the UK experiences the odd fluctuation, unemployment remains significantly lower than in many other regions. Despite tightened restrictions following the UK’s departure from the European Union, there are a number of different visa options available which will allow foreign nationals to live and work in the UK, including the Skilled Worker Visa.

Skilled work is relatively plentiful in the UK, particularly in cities such as London and Manchester and many companies actively seek employees from overseas. The UK also offers superior working conditions with a number of benefits including remote and hybrid options, pension schemes, and above average annual leave allowances.

Finally, the UK is one of the world’s capitals of entrepreneurship; offering numerous opportunities to ambitious and hardworking immigrants.

Top Ranking Education

A 2019 study revealed that the UK ranked number one for education. As well as being known for maintaining high standards, education is considerably cheaper in the UK than in other countries, particularly the United States where a university education can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With iconic seats of learning such as Cambridge and Oxford universities, England has always enjoyed a reputation for educational excellence. So much so, that in 2005, pop icon, Madonna, moved from New York to London so that her children could attend school in the UK.

Primary and secondary education in the UK is free of charge (apart from private schools) and, Government loans are available to university students, as well as subsidised accommodation and other essentials.

Respect for a Diverse Culture

The UK is second to none when it comes to embracing those from different countries and cultures and excels at accommodating different requirements for immigrants such as prayer spaces and language resources.

Many regions of the UK boast strong immigrant communities including Polish, Indian and more – something which makes the country particularly appealing for those from overseas. Within the UK, infrastructure for different cultures are in place, including 1825 mosques and a great number of cultural centers offering assistance with everything from visas to language schools.

Variety of Locations to Live

In terms of location, the UK really does offer something for everyone. From metropolitan cities like London and Liverpool to the stunning natural beauty of areas such as the lake district and the Scottish borders, the options are endless.

As well as stunning vistas, many areas of the UK, particularly in the North West, offer affordable house prices even for those in lower paid employment. In comparison to many countries, the UK offers safe, high-quality accommodation at relatively low cost in some regions.

Additionally, many employers in the UK offer loans to employees for travel passes, allowing them to secure cheaper transport and spread the cost across the year.

Reliable and Affordable Transport

The UK has some of the best, and most affordable transport links in the world. In many countries, traveling to work can be expensive and, in many cases, a car is essential. In many cities around the UK a car would not be needed at all.

The UK’s cities offer a number of travel options including bus, tubes and overground trains and, even in more rural regions, cheap and reliable bus services allow people to get around easily. The UK also offers cheap coach and train services, allowing people to explore other parts of the country, often for just a few pounds.

The UK has plenty to offer immigrants…

In January 2020, Brexit brought with it a considerable amount of uncertainty regarding the opportunities for foreign nationals to lie and work in the UK. Now that the dust has begun to settle and the Government has introduced a number of different visas for those looking to relocate to the UK, the picture is looking a little clearer.

As we’ve shown in this article, Great Britain in 2022 has a great deal to offer to those from overseas, including unparalleled beauty, solid employment opportunities and a world-renowned education system. As if that wasn’t enough, the UK also provides a gateway to the rest of Europe through affordable travel options by air, sea and train.

Whichever way you look at it, the UK has plenty to offer those seeking a change in life.