Why Hiring An Expert Is A Good Idea If You Are An SFMC User

In the times of the awakened consumer clan, you, as a marketer, need to go all out with an omnichannel marketing approach in order to acquire, retain, and sustain a loyal customer base.

A recent state of the marketing report by Salesforce revealed that 71% of consumers had used more than one channel to complete a transaction – this is how dynamic the world is going. To strive in the game, you need a full-service marketing platform that can back you up, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is one such leading platform you can trust on. Mostly, any email marketing agency relies on such powerful marketing tools to ensure seamless operations.

More than anything, SFMC is coming out as a potential email service provider (ESP) for brands that are involved in class-apart email marketing campaigns. Now if you are an existing Salesforce Marketing Cloud user or the one who is about to migrate or initiate, you must already have a gist of the kind of email workflows and system that you’re going to get involved in.

SFMC has an established email network that runs on above par AI algorithms, automated structures, dynamic email workflows, and stronger SQL. To master email marketing on SFMC, you need specialized skills and designated experience to carry out a full-blown email campaign. What you can achieve with SFMC as your ESP is limitless, provided you have the right people to work upon it!

Today, we are going to talk about the kinds of SFMC email specialists you need to hire in order to maximize this platform at its full potential. Let’s get started…

Why Hire An SFMC Email Expert?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a feature-rich platform with tools that can elevate your email marketing efforts. However, these functionalities are complex to understand at times, especially when you don’t have a fairly technical background. To get a proper hold of all the features and make the most out of all the tools available, you need specialized guidance from an SFMC email expert who is trained and experienced to carry out effective email campaigns. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before hiring an SFMC expert for your email campaigns:

1. Personalized Customer Journey – Meaningful email campaigns that your subscribers/prospects/customers can resonate with is how you can nurture your relationship. Experts help you create a customized experience for all your customer journey stages within SFMC by putting its advanced features to work.

2. Quick TAT – At times, understanding the complexities of a tool to orchestrate the process delays it. Having an expert at our disposal will churn out this time and come up with the best possible solution as per our business needs and reduce the turnaround time (TAT).

3. Certified Professionals – When you put your trust in an SFMC email expert who is certified and trained for the platform-specific features, you save time, money, and efforts in taking up the training courses. These professionals will be vetted to utilize SFMC at its full force which will ultimately harness your email campaigns’ effectiveness.

4. Expertise on Associated Tools – Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a fostered tree with numerous branches. Hiring an SFMC consultant or email specialist will be well-versed with its branches (tools) like Email Studio, Content Builder, and more. Knowledge of these tools will boost your email campaign performance which can seem a daunting task without a specialist.

5. Put Advanced Features into Action – A Salesforce Marketing Cloud specialist will know about all the advanced email marketing features that SFMC is equipped with. Few of them are,

  • Segmentation tools to model subscribers and other data
  • Relation data models
  • Multivariant testing
  • Effective subscriber acquisition and nurturing methodologies
  • Import and generate reports to measure campaign performance
  • Troubleshooting for errors
  • Valuable tweaks for performance improvement

Someone who is aware of all the aspects, its capabilities, and deployment can do wonders. An        SFMC expert can just do the same for your email campaigns.

6. Help Making Informed Decisions – A trusted Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant will be able to track the email campaign engagement metrics to differentiate between the performing and the non-performing ones. Moreover, they will help to make informed decisions via data-driven and real-time consumer actions. The analytics support helps brands to flourish by understanding the historical, behavioral patterns.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Specialist You Need to Excel at Email Marketing

SFMC is a multi-purpose marketing channel providing bespoke marketing solutions. The platform has various specialists working over diverse tools. But when we dedicatedly talk about email marketing, you need the following three Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts to drive your campaigns with ease, expertise, and effectiveness. Read on to discover the only three SFMC resources you will ever need!

1. Salesforce Email Developer

It all comes down to a responsive, well-crafted email template design to make your mark in the email marketing industry because all the other backend processes are represented via a sleek template framework. There are free and customizable Salesforce email template designs available for your campaigns but why you still need an SFMC email developer goes beyond just the design. An experienced developer should be flexible enough to provide dynamic template designs that fit diverse client needs. Most importantly, the email developer should be experienced enough to solve the complex coding issues in pre-build as well as custom email templates. An SFMC email developer will be aware of the ESP features, integration processes, and automation workflows to come up with designs that comply with all. Another benefit of hiring the platform-specific email developer is his/her abilities with the AMPScripts.

2. SFMC Email Specialist

The next resource you need to ace your email campaigns with SFMC is a certified Salesforce Marketing Email Specialist. This will help you drive your email campaign in a poised and proficient way. Salesforce allows special courses for their merchants, partners, customers, and email marketing enthusiasts to undertake training and certifications for better understanding its ESP features. Some of them are Marketing Cloud Administrator, Marketing Cloud Consultant, Sales Cloud Consultant, Marketing Cloud Email Developer, Marketing Cloud Email Specialist, and so on. When you particularly hire an SFMC email specialist, he will be able to perform tasks such as,

  • All the basic and advanced skills of a functional email developer
  • Troubleshoot for real-time SFMC product-related issues
  • Multivariant testing
  • Strong data transformation and SQL skills
  • Automation journey setups and complex campaign structure designs
  • Advanced personalization and segmentation knowledge
  • Email Studio knowledge
  • Understanding for legal compliances for SMFC

3. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Automation Specialist

Setting up drip campaigns or email automation at SFMC can be a cakewalk if you have an expert by your side. Their prolific experience about the reporting and analytics can go a long way in streamlining and improving your campaign performance. Moreover, they possess:

  • Administrative exposure of the platform
  • Ability to work on multiple studios in the marketing cloud
  • Knowledge for SFMC web preferences, custom pages, and data forms
  • Well-aware of the spam filter guidelines
  • Ability to configure and set-up data models
  • Proficient business acumen

Wrap Up

A certified and experienced SFMC specialist can take your email campaigns to new heights with the garnered data and platform-specific expertise. For the many good reasons, when you choose SFMC as your preferred ESP, the experts can prove to be your saviors. As per your business requirements, you can hire these experts inhouse or go for specialized agency partners for all your Salesforce Marketing Cloud queries. Keep in mind the benefits and the three types of professionals discussed above to give a boost to your campaigns.

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