Why a good car cover could protect your most prized asset

Car Cover

You decide to store a car for a year or two for many reasons. Either you moved out, are travelling, or suddenly your 1961 Vauxhall Victor FB is not cool anymore.

You leave it in the backyard or a storage unit. Whichever the option, it is advisable to protect the car from the elements or the simple, yet dangerous dust.

A car cover can be defined as a type of tarpaulin either waterproof or not, specifically designed to cover and protect your car. Car covers can prevent your car from being damaged by several factors.

If your car is stored outdoors it will be affected by ultraviolet radiation, acid rain, bird droppings, wind, sun colour fading, animals and even the eyes of thieves. Storing the car indoors offers protection against the elements but also dust and moisture. In both cases, a quality car cover is required, dare to say, mandatory if you intend to preserve your car for a long time. Perhaps you already purchased a car cover from the dealer or you already own tarp that partially covers your car. Either way, read this article and you will see there are more suitable car cover options.

Car covers jungle

Car covers come in a wide range of materials, sizes and colours, the same as manufacturers and retailers. Covers are manufactured with different fabrics. It all depends on whether they are for outdoor or indoor protection. Be advised, indoor covers are not to be used outside because the manufacturer or retailer will offer what you specifically requested. The best option is to purchase one that offers both types of protection.

A standard-issue car cover is water-resistant, probably breathable or non-breathable. They may either be a custom-fit cover car model that can be found for a variety of vehicles or a universal cover that can be shared among different car models since it fits all vehicles with similar size.

Purchasing a car cover may be found tricky but there’s nothing a good read can’t cure. Try to avoid a 100% waterproof (it means non-breathable). Moisture also comes from the ground up, therefore the cover needs to breathe out that moisture. Cotton may very well keep dust out, but moisture in.

When storing the car outside make sure is semi-tailored or custom fit to your vehicle, do not go for the “one size fits all”. Windy outdoor environments can turn the cover into a paint scratching element. Choose a welded seams since ultraviolet light breaks down stitched seams. Single versus multilayer built will be the difference between a rigid fit and a flappy fit, preferably with elastic straps.

Look for heavy-duty fabric designed to offer protection in different types of weather and any season. See that it is built out of a non-abrasive fabric with an inner fleece to protect the car paint. Finally, make sure the car cover is portable.

Here are the three factors to consider before the purchase.

  1. Size: Be aware of your car make, year and model, that will allow you to find the right cover size.
  2. Outdoor and Indoor: Decide whether the car will be stored outside or in a garage. The other option is purchasing a car cover that will work in both environments.
  3. Budget: The more you spend the better? Do so if the cover is designed for extremely tough conditions. Ensure a purchase that meets your actual needs.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, ensure that you find the right retailer. While searching the Internet, the options are endless. AutoCovers is a good place to start.

Things to look for in a retailer

The amount of car cover materials and characteristics is closely linked to the protection possibilities offered by retailers. Thus, having a wide range of available products, like indoor, outdoor, waterproof and winter car covers is a great plus. Starting from these four groups, you should be able to find covers with specific features. They can be for short or long term storage, tailored fit, inner fleece, UV resistant, washable and with a sturdy carry-on bag.

Another factor is the price of your cover. You don’t want it to be way too much, way too little since too expensive could be a waist and too cheap can be a sign of poor quality.

When searching for a cover, you should be able to indicate your car make, model, year and body, in order to find the most suited protection for your vehicle.

There is one retailer in the UK market that will check all the boxes on your must-have list and even might exceed your expectations.

At Auto Covers they see and treat your car as an investment. They make sure you protect that investment with the proper car cover; offering a premium service with high-quality covers. In the past 10 years, they have built a customer base out of quality service and customer satisfaction. Matching market prices is surely an invitation to find a cover that meets your needs and matches your budget.

Car cover customization is a service that you might find appealing at this shop. The “Custom cover” section of the website presents the opportunity to personalize your cover. Designed to fit your car, adding a custom logo or text, together with your choice of colour.

Shipping is a crucial element, making sure your order can reach your destination on time and safe. Here you will find free shipping on all purchases. Also offering from 1 to 2 years warranty. Customer satisfaction has been a key factor in their success. Quality service, good communication and dispatch what was promised has made customers turn their head to Auto Covers.

Covering up

Protecting your car is important, you spent money on it. Spend a bit more and it will last longer. This spending will prevent from letting money go on the exterior and, in some cases, interior car repair. A car cover will also, after long term storage, keep your car looking like new.

With a little luck, this review offered you the tools you need to make an informed decision, and things to look out for when purchasing a protective cover for your car. Make a wise choice and rest easy, knowing your car is covered!

Photo by Frederik Højfeldt Nielsen on Unsplash