Which nicotine strength is suitable for you


A new generation of nicotine users has crept up; the kind that prefer the use of electronic cigarettes over traditional ones.

Electronic cigarettes, commonly known as e-cigs, are devices that vaporize a liquid that contains nicotine diluted in either propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin or a mixture of both. This fluid is what is known as e-liquid.

E-liquids have different nicotine contents. The strength to go for varies from one person to the other.

So, which is the best nicotine strength for you?

Nicotine strengths

E-liquids come in various strengths; it all depends on the manufacturer. Their strengths are measured in milligrams per milliliter. Some manufacturers like V2 UK make e-liquids that contain nicotine content as low as 0mg/ml to as high as 36 or 42mg/ml.

With these variations, how do you know which nicotine content is right for you?

Knowing the right strength for you is what will determine whether you have a positive or negative vaping experience, especially if you are a first time vaper.

If you have used other nicotine products before and would like to switch to vaping, it is best to first have a clear understanding of the dosage your body is currently used to and what effect it has on your body.

There are various ways of you can get nicotine into your body. You could use a transdermal nicotine patch that absorbs through the skin, chewing tobacco gum or through inhalation which provides the fastest effect on the body.

How much nicotine do you absorb with vaping

The amount of nicotine absorbed by the body is through vaping and smoking is more or less the same. One can know the amount of nicotine smoked through cigarettes and the same applies to vaping.

Theoretically, you can determine the amount of e-liquid you have vaped. However, different vaping devices and different rates at which users vape will bring about differences in the amount of nicotine absorbed.

Additionally, there is no set amount of nicotine that should be inhaled by an individual. It will all depend on the frequency at which the user vapes, the size and depth of each inhalation.

In short, a little experimentation allows you to know exactly what quantities are good for you.

Vaping according to nicotine tolerance

Heavy smokers, when transforming to vaping, should try the 12mg /ml or 18mg/ml. It is best to start lower then gradually increase the amount of e-liquid you inhale. To gauge your intake, purchase vaping devices that indicate the number of puffs you have taken.

For moderate or light smokers, the best e-liquid to start with is one with a strength of 6mg/ml. E-liquids with a strength of 3mg/ml is normally used by vapers who use rebuildable atomizers or have advanced ‘sub-ohm’ tank vaping devices.

There is another category of vapers that are trying to cut down on smoking or are just not interested in getting hooked to nicotine. E-liquids with a strength of 0mg/ml is what they prefer. Basically, it is a nicotine free e-liquid.

For those who are looking to create their own e-liquids, research and a lot mathematics has to be done to get the above ratios right.