What to do with your furniture when moving

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When you’re moving, it becomes rather difficult to move your furniture from one place to another.

Firstly because it’s heavy, then the reasons of not having a proper plan of moving furniture bothers us. So, what to do to have a simple and easy furniture removal? How to deal with moving furniture, and not let your furniture be a burden to your shoulders and mind alike?

Let’s have the best ideas we have gathered from a professional mover and people who have moved to many houses in their lifetime on how to move furniture.

Furniture Sliders

Furniture sliders are incredibly effective for moving furniture with absolute ease in your own place. By placing the sliders underneath the legs of your furniture. Your furniture can easily slide across the room with no problem with only a slight push. Frisbees act very much like sliders. Thus if you are not willing to spend a couple of buck on sliders, make use of Frisbees instead and save yourself the pain and the money.

Shoulder Dolly

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Bulky furniture that needs to be lifted to be moved are a great inconvenience. Shoulder dollies will help you with the trouble of carrying the unnecessary weight with ease. Simply ties the straps across your shoulders and move one strap underneath the furniture. With the help of an extra pair of strong arms, you can move your furniture around with ease.



Unlike furniture sliders or dollies, you can use blanket to move furniture up and down the stairs with less of a trouble. Simply placing the blanket underneath the furniture and lifting the corners of the blanket will do the job of moving you furniture in any preferred direction.

Moving Dollies

Moving dollies are a platform with wheels. They are incredibly convenient for moving furniture around. All that’s needed is for you to keep the furniture on top of the dolly and that’s all about it.

Know The Right Techniques

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When two people are lifting certain heavy furniture like a book shelf or a large cupboard, then it is best if one person lifts it from the higher position and the other person from the lower. It helps distribute weight equally and works way more efficiently that lifting it from the middle.

To avoid getting a back pain after lifting heavy objects, improve you lifting technique. Make use of your legs and core to lift furniture instead of using your back.

Place magazines under the corners of the furniture to reduce the friction from between your furniture and the floor.

It’s incredibly difficult to move furniture from tiny passages. One way to easily move your furniture is by changing its position. You can easily move it across a narrow passageway by changing its position to an L.

Hire a Mover

Hiring movers is undoubtedly the easiest means to move your furniture. They have experience, strength and the vigor in them to efficiently move your furniture whist being careful as to not damage anything. They will also move your furniture to your new place at the best removal costs while you sit back and save yourself from the unnecessary trouble of arranging and rearranging your furniture if placed wrong.