What to assess before sending a baby shower thank you card

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Now that you’re done with organizing your baby shower, it’s time to open up the gifts and suitably acknowledge the efforts of those who made this day special.

Along with being a tradition, it’s also considered to be a kind gesture to send personalized thank you cards.

With a ton of gifts and surprises, it’s inevitable to be confused when it comes to curating the perfect cards. Therefore, go ahead with the following tips to not leave anything unattended before you send these cards out.

Whom to send these cards?

The foremost thing before deciding on the type of thank you card is to chalk out each participant who took out time to attend your baby shower. However, it’s crucial not to leave those behind who sent their gifts despite being unable to come.

Regardless of the size and monetary worth of the gifts you’ve received, make sure you keep these all into consideration while preparing your list. Those who came with personalized gifts should be given utmost attention and their thank you cards should be selected more thoughtfully.

Moreover, if a guest didn’t bring any gifts at all, it’s advisable not to skip them while sending out a thank you card because they still invested their time and joined you on a very special celebration.

How to get creative?

Instead of sending the exact thank you card to everyone in the guest list, you should give it a little more thought so as to come up with creative designs. This will not only be a decent acknowledgment of their efforts but also showcase you as a generous person who actively cares about the efforts.

If you’re running short on time or finding it arduous to curate on your own, then go ahead with a reliable company to get your hands on perfect baby thank you cards. You’ll find numerously many options to pick from, along with being able to include your own customizations.

Who should curate these cards?

In general, it’s the mother who should be writing these cards as a note of generosity for those who took out time from these busy lives. However, with a tight schedule going on, it might not always be possible for mama to take care of a massive list of attendees.

In such cases, you can readily take the help of your organizer or hostess and let them carry things out on your behalf. However, ensure reviewing everything personally before you send these cards as there might be certain personal details that a hostess might easily skip.

When is the right time to send thank you cards?

The precise answer is to send out at the earliest. This is because things can keep you significantly busy after the event, and you might not be able to take out sufficient time to curate each card personally.

In order to save most of the hassle, you can get these cards designed online and even schedule most of these even before the baby shower. However, you should go ahead with the final assessment to carry out any desired changes if you have kept things scheduled quite early.

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash