What makes EagleFX the most preferred online broker in the world?


Forex traders are usually very picky about the website or software application they use for trading.

With so many sites scamming people left, right, and center, the investors prefer using an online broker site that almost everyone recommends. And, one of the names on that list is EagleFX. It offers optimal trading conditions using institutional grade liquidity so that all your transactions are secure. Most importantly, its real-time trading indicators helps understand the market conditions better, thus allowing new investors to trade successfully.

Technical analysis of EagleFX

Do you want to check the Forex charts for a specific period like an hour or even a whole day? Do you strategize depending on the ups and downs of the price curves? If yes, then the technical analysis of EagleFX will help you every second. This online broker wants you to earn money. It tries every possible trick so that you understand where the market is going and then decide how to trade. Some of the follow technical analysis offered by this site will surprise you:

  • Interactive Forex charts, including real-time updates with scroll and zoom options. If you zoom in, you see the minor fluctuations in price over a specific period. The real-time chat is so accurate that it measures the fluctuations in seconds. On the other hand, if you scroll out, you see the bigger picture of the entire day or the whole week.
  • Technical indicators help traders understand the investing options open to them during the day. Most online brokers only provide a few of them, but EagleFX has 30 technical indicators. And, all of them are handpicked by experienced Forex traders. So, if you and your friends considered one of the trading indicators as useful, there are high chances that you will find it on this website too.
  • In addition to technical indicators, you also get 24 analytical objects, such as geometric shapes, channels, lines, and also Fibonacci, Elliott, and Gann tools.
  • There are 9 timeframes that give you a detailed idea about where the market is and where it may reach after a period. You will M5, M30, H4, MN, W1, D1, M15, M1, and H1 timeframes on the analytical chart.
  • Also, there are three different charts that forecast the market so that you don’t invest money in the wrong currencies. Broken lines, Japanese candlesticks, and bars efficiently provide trading curves that not only indicate your trading patterns but also how the Forex market is behaving for the last few days.

Ultra-fast execution

EagleFX makes sure that you don’t have to go through dealing desks like other online broker sites. They use an ultra-fast execution method called Straight Through Processing. This method ensures that all your orders get routed to EagleFX’s liquidity providers. So, once you place your order, the site will scan the list of liquidity providers to check who is offering the best rate, thus increasing your chances to earn more.

With so many facilities for traders, it is high time you open an account in EagleFX and start trading.