What Makes a Great Courier Service?

Your customers expect courier services where the delivery results in the package arriving as soon as possible.

Whether you’re shipping products locally, or fulfilling orders all over the globe, it’s crucial that you have the best courier service on your side. Choosing the wrong courier can lose you a customer, even if you did everything else right when your delivery services are slow. There are many courier services out there claiming to be the best, so what are the qualities that make a great courier service?

Outstanding customer service.

Enhancing customer experience is crucial for any delivery service. Choosing a courier service that goes the extra mile for you and your customer can lead to repeat sales and usage of your services. For example, the courier calling in advance to inform a client they’re coming soon. They also satisfy customers that have specific delivery service instructions without hesitation. A friendly attitude, and willingness to solve issues promptly are essential. Remember, the courier service you choose represents your company. You want exceptional customer service to be a priority for them, as well as the expected great delivery service.


Trust between partners is the only way for long-term relationships to thrive in the parcel delivery business. That means being upfront with terms and agreements and no hidden fees. Delivering parcels in one piece, and knowing “fragile” isn’t a suggestion. When packages are lost or damaged, the delivery service takes responsibility by replacing them. Any reputable courier has an insurance policy to cover lost or damaged goods. Accidents happen. How a courier company responds to issues reflects its integrity.

High value.

Nobody wants to pay through the nose for courier service. You often get what you pay for, so the cheapest courier services aren’t always the best deal. You want a delivery company that offers you the courier service you need for your business at a fair price. Check that the price they offer you is final – some couriers advertise rates much lower than what you pay after they tack on all the extra fees. You want a company that’s honest with their prices.

Professional service.

Looks matter, like it or not. Your courier’s branding, their vehicles, and uniform impact how your customer perceives your business. It’s important to pick a company that presents itself as professionals and always follows trends to provide the best service. You want them to look like a serious delivery services company with clean and appropriate uniforms. You’re trusting a courier with a critical touchpoint – the moment a customer gets their package. The impression they make at their door is how the customer will remember your business.

Convenience and reliability.

When dealing with other people’s goods, it is important to understand the necessity for convenience and reliability. A great courier service should deliver goods in a timely manner, ensuring that the goods are safely delivered each time. A great delivery service can ultimately make or break a business, especially now so with online shopping increasing at a rapid pace.