What Are The Advantages Of Using MDF For Wall Panels?

MDF is an attractive and cost-effective material to use when panelling your home.

Wall panels can help transform otherwise dull rooms into unique and eye-catching parts of your home. Read on to discover how MDF wall panels can give your room some much-needed personality.

MDF Has A Smooth Surface

MDF does not have traditional wood knots or kinks, making it a blank canvas for design. You can create a wood effect by staining or laminating wood veneers. Alternatively, you can create sleek and modern panels that look nothing like wood at all. You can paint, stain or laminate over MDF for whatever design you wish. Unlike natural wood, MDF doesn’t require extensive staining before painting. Its smooth surface means you won’t need to sand down problematic surfaces before creating the design you want in your home.

MDF Is Easy To Cut

The high density of MDF makes it incredibly easy to cut and carve. Create the designs you want without worrying about sharp edges or damaging the grain, as you would with natural wood. With MDF, you also won’t need to worry about splintering when drilling into the material, making MDF wall panelling the ideal solution for your home. This is great when you’re looking for bespoke designs for accent walls, as MDF can be cut in any way you wish.

MDF Is Long-Lasting

MDF is a stable product that won’t warp or crack as quickly as traditional wood. Natural wood requires specialist treatment to avoid swelling, but MDF does not have this issue. It is also treated with chemicals during the design process, which helps repel termites and other wood-damaging insects.

MDF Is Strong

MDF is made by bonding wood fibres, making it an extremely strong and durable material. Its high density makes it ideal for hanging doors or drilling in screws. MDF wood panelling can take the weight and won’t splinter when drilling. This makes MDF an ideal material to use when panelling around door frames and in rooms with shelving units.

MDF Can Be Made Perfectly Straight

Natural wood panelling can take a lot of work to make perfectly straight. This is because challenges can be encountered due to the natural grain of the wood and any knots in the material. You can have perfectly square corners and lines with MDF wood. Panelling like shaker MDF panelling is ideal for accent walls where you may want to install MDF wood panelling diagonally or in other bespoke structures.

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