Welzo: The New Med-tech Start-up Taking the UK Healthcare System by Storm

The UK healthcare system is a political hotbed; with the failings of the NHS becoming ever more apparent, more and more patients are turning to private alternatives for healthcare.

The average patient in the UK has to wait over 15 days to receive an appointment through the NHS, with specialist consultations wait times averaging over 8 weeks.

This is where Welzo comes in, the disruptive new healthcare platform aimed at making healthcare access fast and affordable.

Their catching slogan being: Your healthcare, without the waiting rooms.

So, what exactly is Welzo? And what do they offer?

According to their website they offer an all-in-one integrated healthcare solution that is accessible and most importantly…fast.

Personalised Health Care at Your Finger Tips

A primary offering by Welzo is their home diagnostic and private blood tests, offering a subscription model with which customers can track their biomarkers over a period of time. This is carried out through simple finger prick home tests or saliva samples, which can help to identify a whole range of predispositions and imbalances. For example, with their wellman blood test, testosterone, estrogen, vitamin d and zinc, among many other biomarkers, is evaluated. If a patient is found deficient in vitamin d, they can then take steps to reach an optimal nutritional level. Welzo uses AI-based technology to identify the most critical biomarkers that should be tested for on a case-by-case basis after a patient has answered a lifestyle consultation form. This is an innovation in the blood testing market, which traditionally relies on a standard doctor’s recommendation, or for a patient to request a testing profile.

In addition to this, if a customer finds out they require a specific treatment based on their testing results, they can then proceed to order the required supplements or treatments directly from Welzo.

Welzo has an online pharmacy catalogue of over 1000 different types of treatments and medications, one of the most extensive in the UK. This simplifies the process for the customer, as they will no longer have to order their prescriptions from an alternative provider.

However, the integration does not stop there.

Once signed up to Welzo, customers and patients can utilise their health hub learning centre, which offers recommended lifestyle changes and information on their health using the results from their health tests and supplement regimes. The Welzo health hub is updated on a daily basis, with hundreds of doctor lead research pieces being published every month to help educate and improve the lifestyle choices of its patients.

This extends to connecting healthcare providers with patients registered on the Welzo platform, from offering state-of-the-art lab and diagnostic tests from across the globe, which generally can’t be accessed by individuals. To also connect Welzo patients to local doctors, GP’s, pharmacies and other healthcare service providers making for an integrated end-to-end healthcare solution.

Welzo Receives Backing from the HMI Group

Welzo has received investment and support from HMI Group, a significant player in the innovative healthcare space. The HMI Group has founded notable brands such as Official Rapid Tests, the UK’s largest PCR Testing provider and recently purchased a notable GP consultation platform, which is rumoured to be integrated into its latest venture.

The concept behind Welzo is straightforward: to remove the wait times and complexity behind the traditional healthcare systems. This is achieved by offering instant access to patients’ most requested healthcare needs on an easy-to-use online platform.

In conclusion, Welzo is a startup to watch. The concept and technology behind the platform is something that the healthcare industry has been waiting for, a fresh and innovative take on an outdated system. If it can effectively reduce the wait times for patients, and accurately provide personalised tests and treatments for patients, it is set to impact the future of healthcare.