Ways to Extend Your Home


With house prices continuing to climb, many more homeowners are looking for ways to extend their property without the costs and stresses of moving home.

Within this article we will investigate just some of the ways you can extend your home on a lighter budget.

Outdoor Rooms

Garden rooms have become a huge trend, providing homeowners with an affordable extension to their home. Outdoor rooms are a building structure which is outside of your home, usually found at the bottom of the garden. These can be used in different ways, some use them as a home office, providing homeowners with a creative space.  Outdoor rooms or garden rooms are perfect for home gyms or entertaining spaces, perfect if you have guests over.

Raised Decks

One way to extend your living space is with a deck, creating a platform to sit on when entertaining with friends. Decking is also ideal as an extension of your home. Giving you somewhere for fire pits, a perfect base for hot tubs, chimineas, pergolas, the list goes on.

The popularity of composite decking has overtaken traditional timber decking. This is mostly due to the low maintenance benefits, plus the benefits of not rotting or warping.


Greenhouses are traditionally used in gardens for growing produce before transferring to raised beds outside. Recently the introduction of greenhouses as a garden kitchen has grown in popularity. These serve as an extension of their kitchens where they can grow organic produce for healthier meals. Another alternative is using a luxury style greenhouse as a summer house for guests to have brunch in or afternoon tea.

Summer Houses

Many people use summer houses as an extension to their home, decking them out with furniture, even hand dryers, and accessories like TV’s, sound systems, home bars or even hot tubs. These serve as a warmer location to relax in cooler times of the day. Whereas some use summer houses to store garden tools in or furniture throughout the winter.


Used for years, conservatories have been becoming more luxurious over the past few years. Starting off as an extension to homes that can be opened to the outdoors. They have now become a lot more stylish with bifold doors and industrial lighting perfect for dining with friends and family or maybe as a cosy, romantic snug.


Garages have been a useful extension to your home for decades. Used primarily for storing your car or bikes, garages are becoming a more popular trend for converted home gyms. Some homeowners have chosen to deck them out with signage, contemporary lighting, TVs, and gaming systems to create a man cave room. Another use is for storing tools or as a workshop. A garage is also a great place to store household appliances such as a washing machine or chest freezer, giving more room for storage in your kitchen.