Waterproofing business and brick restoration companies combine preventive care and repairs for homeowners

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Unstable foundations are one of the most expensive problems homeowners can face.

In many instances, unsafe or shifting foundations are the result of damage due to the ground shifting or water damage that is compounded over the years.

Because water damage and foundation damage are so closely linked, homeowners often wind up working with businesses that can handle both problems.

A Natural Partnership

Companies offering a full range of services for homeowners, including waterproofing, shoring up of damaged foundations, and complete repair and raising of sinking foundations, save homeowners the difficult task of finding two different providers who can work together to both repair and protect their home’s foundation. While some homeowners may only need waterproofing services to prevent water from seeping into their basement or damaging the foundation in the future, others need more extensive work done. This is where working with a single provider ensures nothing is missed during the process.

A waterproofing service can help prevent future foundation repairs, but when repairs are needed, homeowners need a professional provider to take care of the heavy lifting. Once repairs are finished, it’s important to waterproof the newly repaired foundation to protect the home from future foundation problems. Companies like Brickworks Property Restoration combine these two services to make it easier and more convenient for their customers to maintain their homes properly.

Preventive Foundation Waterproofing

Preventing severe damage to homes and their foundations requires properly waterproofing basements and foundations. When water stops seeping into basements and flows away from foundations instead of toward them, there are fewer issues with foundations shifting or settling. Brickworks Property Restoration always recommends that property owners have their homes waterproofed after any repairs to ensure there isn’t a need for repeated repairs in the future.

Foundation Repairs

Once water damage has led to settling or shifting of a home’s foundation, repairs have to be made to protect the house from a domino effect that can lead to a home becoming uninhabitable. Companies offering repair services ranging from minor stabilization of a damaged wall to complete rebuilding of damaged foundations can help homeowners get to the root cause of the problem, repair it, and provide waterproofing to minimize a repeat problem.

Signs You Need Foundation Restoration and Waterproofing

There are several indicators of foundation damage that homeowners should never ignore. If you spot these problems, it’s time to talk to a foundation repair service and get your home adequately waterproofed once the repairs are done. If you see any of these signs in your home, you’ll need foundation repairs sooner rather than later:

  • Cracks in the interior or exterior walls, especially in the basement
  • Windows or doors that hang crooked or don’t open and close properly
  • Water accumulating in the basement or under the house
  • Bowing or uneven walls or floors
  • Sinking or tilting floors
  • Cracked plaster or drywall