Want to invest in stocks? Here are the 3 hottest industries to check out

According to a survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers about popular investment destinations, Britain has become the fourth more popular country to invest in, behind the United States, China, and Germany.

This is according to more than 5,000 CEOs as reported by Reuters.

Does this mean that you too should support local companies to take advantage of their growth through the stock markets? Well, maybe. After all, investing in the stock markets has historically been one of the best ways to make your money grow over time.

 But whether you want to invest in British, American, or German companies, you still need to invest in the most promising sectors to take advantage of the hottest opportunities! Before we jump into the 3 hottest industries to keep an eye on, you should know that you can either invest in blue-chip stocks, which are mature companies with big market capitalization, or relatively new, small, and cheap companies, such as penny stocks. It all depends on your strategy, your goals, your risk tolerance, and your capital. If you want to better understand penny stocks, read this complete guide to penny stock trading.

 1# The Green Energy Sector

With all the extreme weather events of the last few years, the world is increasingly aware of the impact climate change is having on our daily lives, so there is an increasing demand for companies working on developing green products, or alternative energies. Green investing can also be a way to make more ethical choices about the kind of projects you support with your money – you can feel good about your investments. Within this sector, there are also many different company sectors you can invest in, such as wind power, pollution control and others.

 Companies offering solutions to reduce the impact of people and businesses on the environment are therefore becoming extremely popular among investors. They are working on reducing our impact on nature, improving the way we live and finding solutions to climate change. Here is a list of the best green stocks to watch now if you want to take advantage of this sector.

 2# The Biotech Sector

The biotech sector has been the center of attention since the Covid-19 outbreak – many big companies dedicated their time, effort, and money to find vaccines against the coronavirus. Finding new ways of treating illness, discovering new cures and vaccines based on living organisms is at the heart of the biotech industry. 

 With an ever-ageing population facing numerous health issues, this industry is poised to keep growing. Investing in this sector also supports companies that are trying to find ways to improve the lives of sick people, as well as new methods to save lives. Biotechnology and life sciences  are involved in different kinds of sub-sectors of the economy, like pharmaceutical applications, agriculture, veterinary products, and industrial processes. 

3# The Technology Sector

Due to Covid-19, the world has had to adapt its way of traveling, learning, communicating and working, which has greatly accelerated the digitalization of many parts of our lives. This has allowed people and companies to remain connected and keep doing “business as usual” as much as they could during these unusual times.

Investing in the technology sector supports companies that are offering solutions to stimulate growth and improve other companies’ competitiveness. The technology sector is also very diversified – virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 5G, and cybersecurity are just some examples of how technology is shaping the future, offering robust growth investment opportunities.