Villa in Cyprus for Rent

Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean Sea is a beautiful island with warm and sunny climate, a turquoise blue ocean, and many Blue Flag beaches that attract tourists from around the world. It is a popular tourist destination throughout the year.

Something is always happening in Cyprus –

  • There are wine festivals
  • Annual carnivals
  • Concerts, performances

There are many beautiful villas in Cyprus. However, they are both externally and internally different from theones you will find in other countries. Even premium housing on the island differs from what you will find in other resort destinations. Their architecture is often influenced by the island’s rich history and lifestyle.

A Cyprus villa for rent is always a great choice, whether you like to spend a quiet relaxing vacation or prefer an active holiday with partying and seeing the island’s many tourist attractions. It will be a vacation without restrictions, unpleasant neighbors, strict schedules. The villa will give you all the comforts and luxuries you find at a premium hotel or resort. Everything will be just for you.

You can rent a villa in the most popular resort areas of Cyprus – Paphos, Argaka, Peyia, Ayia Napa, and other places.

House Architecture in Cyprus

You will find similarities in the architecture of almost all the houses on the island. There are private patios in the heart of the house and a large living room. You can reach different parts of the house from a courtyard. Usually, there are 2 or 3 narrow, long rooms, which are called “makrinaria”. The most spacious part of the house consists of a living room and bedrooms. There are also storage rooms.

Houses that face the south or east are highly valued in Cyprus and throughout the Mediterranean in general. That’s because these homes receive the most sunlight.

Most villas are constructed from natural stone, which has been the main building material on the island for a long time. You will also find traditional design elements perfectly integrated with modern concepts in the villas. There are patios, living and dining rooms, and water features throughout the property.

Renting a Villa in Cyprus

Price – The price depends on three factors.

  1. The duration of your stay or lease
  2. Location
  3. Its total area, interior, amenities, and facilities

The rental price will always be higher in the peak tourist season or holiday season. The peak tourist season in Cyprus is between the middle of May to the end of August. On the other hand, if you want to lease the villa, then the longer your lease term, the lower will be the average monthly cost. That’s because the property owner wants to be sure that the villa will not stand idle.

Amenities and facilities – A spacious and newly renovated villa with a swimming pool, garden, modern luxuries, and appliances will always cost more than a modest, clean villa, where there is only a washing machine, kettle, and microwave. Nevertheless, you can have a great time in both these types of properties.

The closer the villa is to the sea, the higher its value. Villas with a Jacuzzi, private tennis court, a billiard room, barbecue area, a private beach, and such others will cost more.

Also, renting a villa in a popular resort like Paphos or Limassol will cost you significantly more than a similar villa in Larnaca or Polis in northwest Cyprus. Take the time to understand the geography of the island. You will then have a better chance of finding an affordable villa near the sea.

Advantages of Staying at a Villa for Rent

Here are some reasons why tourists must always prefer a villa over a hotel.

  • Better for large groups. You will make significant savings if you travel as a group of 4 more tourists. Compared to a hotel of the same category, you will save about 30% money in a rented apartment or house in Cyprus if you stay for a month or more. Apartment owners will often give a small discount of 5-15% to those who rent the apartment for more than a month in the summer.
  • You will get a discount of about 50% for long-term rental (a contract of 1 year).
  • You can cook your own food in a villa. Most villas have well-equipped kitchens.
  • If you are traveling with kids, then you can stay in just the way you want without the rules of hotels.
  • A villa gives you complete privacy. The entire property will be just for your group. So you can stay away from the prying eyes of the other guests.
  • Villas have their own gardens and lawns. So you will be surrounded by nature.
  • Many locals live in the neighborhood. So you will get a better idea of the lifestyle of the Cypriots.

Approximate Rental Prices in the Coast

Property High season Winter months
Apartments from € 40 to € 200 per day from € 20 to € 80 per day
Villa or house from € 75 to € 300 per day from € 50 to € 150 per day

Of course, there are expenses for the villa owner as well towards maintenance.

List Expenses (paid by the tenant)
Electricity and water supply € 100-200 per month
Pool maintenance and gardener services € 100-300 per month
Garbage removal € 100-200 per year
Municipal fees € 150-300 per year
Communal payments € 150-1500 per year
Cleaning and washing of linen during the change of tenant €20-100

Some of the furnishings (furniture, interior items), dishes, and bedding will have to be updated every 1-2 years. Do also keep in mind that many villa owners cannot rent or lease out throughout the year. But the utility costs will still be the same.

Budget and Luxury Villas

Cyprus villa specialists can help you rent a house on the island of any size, category, price, and in any location. You can choose a small 1 or 2-bedroom villa or a large property with 5 or more bedrooms depending on your group size.

  • Small houses cost from 75 euros per day. They are good for romantic couples and small families.
  • Houses with 4-5 bedrooms with a large area, swimming pool, verandas, barbecue areas are best for larger groups. They cost 800-2000 euros.
  • There are also houses spread over a huge area with 24-hours security, a gym, spa, tennis court, electric cars for moving throughout the property. These are usually in complexes. These homes are best for groups that want luxury and comfortable
  • There are luxurious detached villas that offer total privacy. They have marble flooring, marble bathroom walls, wooden flooring, magnetic locks, and heating/cooling. You will find them in the cities, along the coast, and also in picturesque villages, 10 minutes’ drive from the city center.

Do you want to live in a busy tourist area, a quiet residential area, or close to the beach? You can rent a house in Cyprus anywhere you like. The villas are all ready to accept guests, no regardless of where or the category of house you want.

  • They are fully furnished
  • The villas have a well-equipped kitchen
  • They are luxurious properties with modern amenities

You will get everything in these villas – a private swimming pool, barbecue area, fire pit, terrace with views, lush tropical garden with many trees, huge compound with more than a thousand square meter… and more.

If you are traveling with a baby, then the villa can also provide high chairs and cots.

It Could Also Be Your Home

Apart from tourists, Cyprus also attracts many investors who come to the island to start their business or make an investment. Renting a villa in Cyprus to stay on the island will be cheaper than buying a house or staying at a hotel.

You can easily carry out your business from a villa. They have stable internet connections. Many of these homes also have a study/workroom with fax, computer. You can meet guests and negotiate in the living room or business area. The classic décor will please your guests. You can host a party in the dining or banquet area. the villa’s security system will prevent any intrusion into your privacy.

You can rent a villa in Cyprus for any period – from a few days to six months or more.

How to Ensure Peace of Mind

Nowadays, coronavirus has hit all countries, making it impossible to travel freely and spontaneously. Governments and airports implemented stricter rules in travelling to prevent the spread of the virus. If you can still travel abroad amidst the pandemic, then you are considered lucky. Not everyone has the chance to travel since the beginning of the outbreak last year. It is important to note that you must not forget to avail Covid holiday insurance before travelling to safeguard yourself.

One requirement for most countries nowadays is to present a medical certificate showing that a passenger is not a carrier. If the virus is detected, you are not allowed to board the flight. You will be transferred to a facility instead. Fortunately, with the help of the insurance, you can file for a plane ticket refund.

Another benefit is to get medical assistance abroad when you get sick. Aside from this, the company will find the nearest hospitals or clinics, should you have difficulty searching for them. Most importantly, in case you got infected with coronavirus, you get assistance in hospital bills. We all know how expensive the treatment is for coronavirus. With lots of possible complications, treatment cost can be overwhelming.

Rent a Luxury Villa

There are luxury villas in Cyprus with modern amenities and comforts like a private pool, Jacuzzi, chef and butler service, games room, and so much more.

There are relatively fewer villas on the island since hotels occupy most of the coastal areas. But at the Cyprus Villas website, you will find dozens of villas in Cyprus that are available for rent throughout the island.

Splash around in your own private pool in the villa, relax on the poolside lounger, or enjoy a stunning sunset on the beachfront. Get pampered at the villa during your stay.

Casa Barbeiro is a 4-bedroom seafront villa for rent on the west side of the island, close to the historic city of Paphos. The turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea will be right in front of you. Spread over a vast area, this Cyprus property features a private infinity pool, Jacuzzi, fountains, tennis courts, a well-equipped kitchen, outdoor/indoor living and dining areas, and a lawn that stretches right down to the beach.