Video Size Reducer: Top 5 Tools to Compress Videos to Preferred Size

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To watch a downloaded movie smoothly, video compression is necessary for everyone on different media players.

Video size has always been a key element in your system performance and watching experience. If you are holding a huge video at hand, it will take a long time to input your file into the multimedia player. What’s more, constant laggings and delays will be a nightmare to ruin your desire.

Fortunately, there are practical tools in the market to reduce the video size and even maintain the original quality. Desktop and Mobile users are offered good opportunities to compress videos online and offline here. You can explore the main features and decide which is your best choice.

What You Need to Pay Attention to When Compressing a Video

Before you decide on the ideal video compressor to get a small-sized file and free up storage space, you are recommended to keep the crucial elements and tips in mind. To avoid broken files or data loss, you may need to consider the following things.

  • You can choose H.264/H.265 as the video encoder since they are compatible with many devices and players.
  • Higher bitrate and resolution enable you to get a compressed video with outstanding quality.
  • Select a popular format for output, like MP4, MOV, WMV, etc., based on your devices.
  • Trimming and splitting your video for ideal parts can speed up the compression if the file size is too large.
  • Try to avoid repeated and random settings for video compression.

A Start-up of Video File Size Reducers:

Here listed the 5 best picks to reduce the video file size on your phone and computer. You can

1. ArkThinker Free Video Compressor Online

The top 1 choice to reduce the video file size is ArkThinker Free Video Compressor Online. You can shrink your large file, up to 50MB or even 100MB, into a small size within 10 seconds. It is a 100% free tool without any ads or spam. Instead of downloading software on your computer, you don’t have to worry about insufficient storage space. And the best thing is that your video data and information will not be traced and recorded, as the tool will auto-delete your uploaded file to protect your privacy.

Device: Phone, Computer

Price: Free


  1. Support all popular video formats.
  2. Quick uploading and exporting.
  3. Support drag-and-drop for input.
  4. Wide compatibility with media platforms.
  5. No quality loss and no watermark.
  6. Custom settings on video parameters.

2. ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate

For desktop users, ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate can be an excellent tool for reducing a large and long video. More than 1000 format support will make you relieved of the uploading failure. You can view the before/after video size directly and make timely changes. The preview function helps you pick an ideal one before starting the compression. This multifunctional video tool also pools video compressing, editing and converting in one platform. You can open the toolbox for easy and swift compression with HD quality. Besides, you can optimize the settings for the targeted video on video encoder, resolution, bitrate, and other critical elements to balance the file size and quality at the same time.

Device: Computer (Mac & Windows)

Price: Free trial supported


  1. All-in-one video compressor, editor and converter.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. No ads, viruses and watermarks.
  4. Offer custom settings based on your preference.
  5. Updated functions with advanced technology.

3. iMovie

iMovie is a built-in function in iOS and Mac models. Apart from creating wonderful movies, it also enables users to edit and compress videos with easy steps. For Apple fans, you can compress your recorded or downloaded videos and achieve an easy transfer with another Apple user via the cloud services. You can change the settings before output and compress MP4 files and other supported files with ease on your Mac.

Device: Computer (Mac), Phone (iOS)

Price: Free


  1. Multilingual.
  2. Compatible with iOS 16 and higher versions.
  3. Unique editing functions like Storyboards and more.
  4. Function well when there is enough storage space.

4. Panda Video Compressor

You can compress videos quickly and share them with others on Panda Video Compressor. The cartoon design and powerful functions have attracted several million users and got their compliments. It can compress a large video with less mobile data and save your phone space as much as possible. After compression, you can send the adjusted file by email or message according to your needs. To make it greater, you can preview the before/after effects during the compression and make timely adjustments if you are unsatisfied with the final result.

Device: Phone (Android)

Price: Free


  1. An intuitive and orderly user interface.
  2. Support 4K videos.
  3. Fit your videos to Instagram-supported formats.
  4. You can replace the old videos here to free up storage space.

5. Video Compressor

You can download and install Video Compressor from the App Store and start easy compression with your Apple devices. The main interface is orderly and direct, with featured functions. You can change the compression ratio and customize the video resolution, bitrate and frame rate according to your needs. What’s more, you are allowed to check the output quality in the preview window.

Device: Phone (iOS), Computer (Mac)

Price: Free


  1. Display video info with its size.
  2. Clear designs and effective functions
  3. Compatible with iOS 9 and later versions.
  4. Support 40+ languages.

Grasp the chance to reduce the file size for videos

It is not a complex thing to shrink your videos and enjoy them without any lag on your phone and computer. However, choosing a suitable video compressor is necessary since not all products can function as they advertise in the ads.

All the video compressors mentioned above are practical to deal with large videos and you can get access to them based on your preference. We hope this summary could help you out to get a good-quality video in a smaller size.