Utility Warehouse offers Partners luxury electric cars as part of environmental commitment

The home service provider’s independent distributors can now drive subsidised electric MINIs, Teslas, and Porsches.

People across the UK recommend Utility Warehouse (UW) for its great value home service bundles andPartner opportunity, which allows virtually any adult to generate residual income by introducing customers to the multi-award-winning company. But, even if you’re not familiar with UW yet, you’ve probably seen its fleet of purple MINIs zipping up and down the country.

UW Team Leaders (TLs) have been driving the company’s MINI Coopers for years, both for personal use and to meet customers. The cars have proven hugely popular and are often a talking point for Partners and their prospects. Now, as the world shifts from petrol/diesel to electric vehicles, UW is moving with the times and has replaced its MINI fleet with a range of electric cars and bikes for its Partners.

UW MINI Electrics

Now UW has updated its fleet with high-end electric models, TLs who make a residual income of at least £100 per month can now access subsidised MINI Electrics, which are worth £26,000+. These four-seater models look the same as the petrol models and feature the same UW branding – but they drastically reduce carbon emissions.

UW Home Services will fit a home charging point for any eligible TL. It takes just over three hours to charge a MINI Electric from a home wall box, so these Partners will never have to visit petrol stations again.

The MINI Electric:

  • Accelerates from 0–62mph in 7.3 seconds
  • Can be charged at over 7,000 BP Pulse charging points – the UK’s largest network of charging points
  • Costs as little as 4p per mile to run

And includes the following features:

  • MINI Navigation, which offers live traffic updates and shows nearby charging stations
  • An 8.8-inch high-resolution dashboard display
  • Foldable seats, providing up to 731 litres of cargo space
  • A 360° interior view.

UW bikes

Meanwhile, Partners in the 50 Plus Club can now sign up for an electric bike, also in the famous UW purple. Partners in this club have signed up 50 personal customers and have a residual income of at least £50 a month. These Partners can travel their local streets on the pedal- and electricity-powered bikes while advertising the good word of UW – perfect for delivering neighbour letters.

UW Model 3 Teslas

MINIs and bikes aside, UW Partners that reach the ranks of Senior Group Leader (SGL) can apply for a headline-grabbing Model 3 Tesla, worth £40,990+. In the same way that Elon Musk changed the game with his Tesla brand, UW is now offering these electric vehicles to eligible Partners.

The Model 3 Tesla:

  • Accelerates from 0–60mph in 3.1 seconds
  • Boasts a five-star safety rating
  • Comes with the option of dual-motor all-wheel drive, which controls traction and torque in all weather conditions
  • Unlocks via smartphone.

And includes the following features:

  • 12 ultrasonic sensors
  • Front, side, and forward-facing cameras to enable 360° visibility
  • A 160m forward-facing radar to provide a long-range view of objects ahead
  • A 15-inch intuitive touch screen to access all driver controls
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • A glass roof with UV protection.

UW Home Services will also fit a charging point for Partners who use the Model 3 Teslas on a subsidised basis. Also, when Partners need to charge on the road, it only takes 15 minutes to charge a Model 3 Tesla at a Supercharger location, of which there are 20,000 around the world.

Complete with UW Branding, these Teslas are set to turn heads while helping Partners reduce their carbon emissions. Since UW introduced its branded Teslas in April 2021, a Partner drove the first one out of the company headquarters a week later.

UW Porsches and weekends away

At the height of UW Partner success, those who reach the 200 Plus Club (by gathering 200 personal customers) can enjoy a subsidised Porsche for a month. Alternatively, these Partners can make the most of a luxury weekend in an eco-hotel – spa treatments included.

Environmental commitment

UW’s new fleet of electric vehicles is the latest movement in the company’s commitment to environmental protection. UW also offers the following green initiatives to keep carbon emissions low.

  • A Fixed Green Tariff, which provides customers with 100% renewable energy from solar, tidal, and wind power. Customers who sign up for all UW home services are eligible for this tariff. Meanwhile, UW measures each unit of electricity its customers use and puts the same amount of renewable energy back into the grid.
  •  Free smart meter upgrades. Customers can use UW smart meters to make savings on their energy bills. In 2020, UW installed 10% of all smart meters in the UK, allowing customers to save approximately 24,960 tonnes of CO2.
  • The UW Foundation. UW runs this non-profit foundation to fund the planting of a tree for each customer who signs up for all UW services. In April, UW reached its target to plant 100,000 trees at the UW Woodland in Bryn Arw, reaching 117,000 saplings – more than the total number of native broadleaf trees planted in the whole of Wales in 2020. UW’s trees cover an area the size of 73 Wembley pitches.
  • Support for environmental charities. In 2020, UW raised £20,000 forOcean Generation (formerly Plastic Oceans UK). Ocean Generation spreads the word about the danger plastic can cause in oceans. Not only did UW Partners work hard to raise funds for this cause, but UW matched all funds raised by Partners to double the sum.
  • UW litter-picking expeditions. Partners across the UK have taken part in schemes to clean up their local areas over recent months.

About Utility Warehouse

As the UK’s only genuine multiservice provider, UW has developed a network of over 40,000 Authorised Partners who help customers sign up for as many or as few home services as they need. The independent distributors earn up to £370 for each customer sign-up, alongside other financial rewards, including hampers, holidays, and subsidised luxury car leases. So far, UW Partners have bundled over 2.5 million home services for customers.

UW Partners come from all walks of life. When they sign up to become a Partner, they can climb the eight steps of UW’s Stairway of Success. Each step earns Partners a higher residual income as they grow their businesses.

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