Unusual and cool ways to make use of technology

Robot chef

Technology is a great tool to have, giving you entertainment in the form of televisions and computers, to being a necessity, as your own personal planner on your phone.

Yet, you might overlook just how impactful technology is involved in your lives and can easily let new and innovative technologies go unrecognized for the contributions they bring to different aspects of your life. Here are just some of the ways technology has been used in cool and unusual ways:

New and fun ways to learn using game integration

One of the ways technology is being used is for educational purposes. Growing up, you probably had toys that engaged you mentally. Now, there are even more options when it comes to different games and applications that have incorporated learning into almost seamless ways that keep kids entertained and engaged.

These games can be both competitive and cooperative, involving things like logic puzzles, word games, and brain teasers. Running into difficulty with these puzzles, there are easy ways to find a solution as there are apps as well to help you continue progressing.

Anagram word games for example, where you need to figure out a word from a jumble of letters sometimes end up being too difficult. But today, you can find a word unscrambler online and all you need to do with this unscrambler is to put in all your available tiles and it’ll find the best plays you can do with them. Not only will you be able to advance in the game, but you’ll also get to expand your vocabulary in the process. When it comes to learning, you don’t want to impede progress too much as it can be hindering a person’s ability to focus and desire to continue learning.

Gamification of chores

Technology is finding ways not just to make learning into games, but also chores. There are applications that gamify the concepts of chores. These games assign different tasks with certain points and values and upon completion of those tasks, those points are awarded to the player. Gamification can help provide kids a sense of value to the chores that they perform, while also making it a fun experience to complete. Everyone is a gamer these days, so why not let that translate to everyday tasks.

Augmented Reality

As technology progresses, so do the uses and options that open up for them. Go into any theatre and you’re sure to find options to watch your movie in 3D graphics where the things on-screen appear to be just within your reach. Or the idea of video games being more immersive with virtual reality with the accompaniment of accessories.

Now, technology has allowed your phones to create new ways of interacting with your surroundings in an interactive way with augmented reality. This new technology changes the way you play games and interact with your environments. Unlike virtual reality that puts you in a new space and/or a different world. Augmented reality puts different virtual creatures, buildings, objects in your existing world. This technology has almost limitless potential to change your surroundings simply using your smartphone and its camera.

Holograms for concerts

Speaking of changing reality and using technology to bring things to life in your day to day and surroundings, holograms have been used in recent years to give concert goers a new experience.  This technology has allowed music artists of the past to grace the stage once again, performing songs that you could only imagine live. This can change the scape of music itself, allowing for concerts to happen across the world simultaneously. It can bring music from the past to new generations and into the future.

Robotic help

Technology has taken great strides in almost every application to help you out, from your GPS phone and directing you to the best routes on your commutes and travels, to helping inside with things like voice-operated smart systems for lights, televisions, and appliances as well as robot vacuums to help ease your daily burdens.

There are even smart pillows that will change the way you sleep, adjusting the light to wake you up and change comfort levels, and self-driving cars that will make you feel like you’re living in the future. When it comes to technology in your home, artificial intelligence is being developed to help you in almost every aspect.

As technology continues to grow in an ever-changing and forward progressing state, so will all the different uses and ways that it will be used for. There are almost limitless possibilities in every market and industry when it comes to technology. New innovations are popping up every day and if you don’t pay attention, you might miss some really cool and pretty useful gadgets.