Truvid Leads North American Adtech Space with Soaring Revenue Growth

If you’re a small business owner, you should already know just how important a good website is to your success.

The adtech space continues to present unprecedented challenges to both Advertisers and Publishers.

As the demand for Publisher’s inventory rises, companies are providing cutting-edge solutions and advanced technological capabilities to deliver a flawless, end-to-end experience to satisfy Publishers, Advertisers, and Content Owners. One tech company excellently bridges this gap by delivering a unique, technological-driven platform through state-of-the-art video experiences: Truvid.

Truvid enables Publishers to instantly connect to a live video ad marketplace to boost their monetization prospects. From their interactive technology to their vast range of video content amongst their Professional Content Library, this tech startup is constantly building on its business model, causing domination of the North American adtech space with soaring revenue growth. With their recent technological updates, Truvid quickly proves to be one of the most efficient video advertising solution providers for US Publishers.

Maximizing Opportunities for Monetization

US Publishers doubled their revenue from August to September, as seen in Truvid’s latest financial report, solidifying the company’s position in the North American market.

The maximal revenue growth as seen in the past couple of months wasn’t an overnight success. The company’s R&D team has worked hard to modify and upgrade its technology, ensuring that they deliver quality video solutions whilst striving for utmost profitability.

Due to the team’s many months of programming and innovation, they were able to produce higher CPM rates without compromising on the number of ads displayed. This technological revamp allowed them to maintain a non-intrusive and undisturbed user experience and achieve an efficient and cost-effective business model.

“The team and I are working hard to assist Publishers by optimizing our technology, providing them with a platform to maximize their opportunities for monetization,” says Elad Feinberg, R&D Team Lead. “We are excited about the evolution of our technology because we want our Publishers to be confident in the video experiences they are delivering and also the ad performances on their websites.’’

Paired with an expert team that scours the best solutions and exceptional business model, Truvid’s revolutionary movement in the adtech ecosystem continues to deliver optimal outputs to Publishers.

USA Publishers Revenue

The Revenue ECPM for North American Publishers has reached record highs over the past month. In other words, Publishers are earning more per 1,000 impressions on their page. Due to Truvid’s technology optimization, Publisher’s inventory has become more expensive, enabling them to maximize their revenues.

What’s Next?

As the video exchange ecosystem for businesses and users continues to bring opportunities and challenges, Truvid gears up for more advanced modern tech capabilities to deliver uncompromised experiences. The company is set for greater heights as the R&D team picks up and invests in the recent months’ highlights, taking their revenue-boosting models to the next level.