TraderVue review- Is this trading journal worth it?


If you are an active trader looking for a tool to track and analyze your trades, TraderVue might be the solution you need. It’s a comprehensive tool that allows you to easily track and analyze your trades.

TraderVue also doubles as a social media platform, where you can share your trades with the active TraderVue community. Curious if TraderVue is right for you? Then keep reading this TraderVue review to find out more about its pros & cons.

What Is TraderVue?

TraderVue was founded in 2011 by experienced traders who recognized the need for a better way to track and analyze trading performance. Today, TraderVue has grown into a leading trading performance tracking and analysis tool that is trusted by thousands of traders worldwide to improve their trading strategies.

Traders can easily link their preferred brokerage and access a wide range of personalized reports that provide valuable insights into their trading strategies. The platform supports a variety of asset classes including US equities, futures, and options. Compared to other trading journals, Tradervue is affordable and offers a free, basic plan that is an excellent starting point for traders looking to improve their trading performance.

TraderVue Features

Here are some of the most noteworthy features of TraderVue:

  • Advanced reports and analysis tools: TraderVue has an extensive range of advanced reports and analysis tools that enable traders to track and analyze their trades in detail. Liquidity reports, risk analysis reports, and loss charts are just a few examples.
  • Trading journals: TraderVue’s trading journals enable traders to track their trades and trading methodologies over time, allowing them to identify patterns and improve their trading performance.
  • Unlimited trade entries: TraderVue enables traders to track an unlimited number of trade entries.
  • Import trades: TraderVue allows traders to import trades from multiple brokers, making it effortless to track and analyze their trades in one place.
  • Risk analysis reports: TraderVue’s risk analysis reports provide detailed insights into trade risk, helping traders to identify and mitigate potential risks in their trading strategy.
  • Trade notes & tags: Traders can add custom notes to every trade, which is useful for recording their thoughts going into a trade, how they felt that day, the setup they were pursuing, and more.
  • Automatic chart generation: Tradervue automatically generates charts for multiple timeframes and marks trade entries and exits on them.
  • Journal filtering: Tradervue makes it simple to filter trades by symbol, trade type (long or short), trade duration, date range, and trade tags.
  • Trade analytics: Trade analytics is the bread and butter of Tradervue’s functionality, providing traders with key data related to their trading, such as average gains, average losses, win/loss rate, win/loss streaks, average holding periods, and money spent on commissions. Traders can filter all of this data by day of the week, stock type, and more.
  • Sharing: Tradervue makes it easy to share trades with other users, allowing for collaboration and feedback from other traders.

TraderVue Pricing

TraderVue offers various membership options to suit traders’ needs. The free membership option includes access to core features such as basic journaling, reporting, and tracking up to 30 trade entries.

For advanced features, TraderVue offers premium membership options starting at $29.95 per month. These plans include risk analysis reports, loss charts, and access to the TraderVue community forum.

TraderVue has three account tiers: Basic (free), Silver ($29/month), and Gold (most expensive). The Silver plan offers unlimited trade entries, enhanced journal tools, and over 100 advanced reports. The Gold plan includes everything in Silver, as well as risk analysis tools, exit analysis, commission analysis, over 300 advanced reports, and more cloud storage.

TraderVue Review: The Pros & Cons


  • Advanced reports
  • Unlimited trade entries
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multi-asset support
  • Great built-in reports and analytics
  • Competitive pricing with an excellent free plan
  • Easy to use web-based platform


  • Cost for premium features
  • Not compatible with all brokers
  • No real-time data
  • Reports aren’t highly customizable

TraderVue Alternatives

If you have read this far in our TraderVue review, and think that it might not meet your needs, there are other options out there. Although many traders believe that TraderVue is the best trading journal, others prefer their competitors.

TraderSync and Edgewonk are two popular options that each offer their own unique benefits and features. To read more about them, check out this best trading journals article.

Is TraderVue right for me

TraderVue is great for beginners, as it offers a fairly robust free plan. You can log up to 30 trades per month, take notes on your trades, and add tags. Upgrading later will give you access to more advanced reports, but all of your early trade data will already be in the platform.

Tradervue is also a good choice if you prefer ready made reports over highly customizable analytics tools. While customization can be nice, it takes more effort and can be harder to find trends if you don’t know what to look for. Tradervue’s built in reports effectively highlight the factors that commonly affect traders’ performance.

The bottom line is, TraderVue is legit and a great option for those looking to improve trading performance with the help of a trusted trading journal.