Top 7 Strategies To Retain Users On Mobile Apps

User retention rate is vital for mobile marketers and can make a difference to your app’s success. An excellent way to keep users in your app is to provide them with a quality experience.

However, there are other strategies that might help you retain users on your mobile app effectively and consequently brand loyalty and boost revenue. Read the tips from Magic Bell to know more and learn other strategies to retain mobile app users using this guide below.

1. Make The Most Of Push Notifications

Push notifications are an effective strategy in terms of leading users to come back to your mobile app to take action to what you’ve suggested. For instance, you can send push notifications to remind users they didn’t finish their purchase transaction. You may also prompt them to purchase the products in their cart by granting discounts valid for a limited time.

To get the best results with push notifications, combine them with rich media, such as videos, images, and GIFs. Such elements contribute to engaging users more. Moreover, you can try adding a call-to-action (CTA) to your push notifications to achieve your goals. Often, a CTA is a small sentence that tells users what to do next. With this, it’ll more likely encourage them to take action.

To create the best push notifications and improve mobile app user retention, take note of the following tips:

  • If you don’t want to frustrate your users, don’t overload them and consider using the right balance.
  • Personalize the messages of your push notifications based on the users’ actions, needs, and interests. The worst thing you might do is send general and non-sense push notifications. They might only annoy users, which can result in uninstalling your app
  • Send push notifications at the right time. Remember that most users live across the globe and are in various time zones. Your push notifications must be triggered by a certain action taken by the users.

2. Create Appealing And Efficient User Interface (UI)

One of the strategies to retain more users on your mobile app is to create an efficient and appealing UI. Remember that if your app’s user interface is easy to use and beautiful, your users are more likely to engage more.

Therefore, when developing an app for your business, think of good examples like Instagram and TikTok. They have countless mobile app users across the globe because they’re easy to use. Even less tech-savvy people or children can use such apps with ease. So, if you want to retain your mobile app users effectively, embrace sleek designs.

3. Ensure That Your Marketing And Products Are Aligned

When creating a marketing strategy for your mobile app, you should ensure that your decisions are aligned with the products you’re offering. Regardless of how effective your marketing is, the user retention rate of your app may suffer if your user experience doesn’t match what’s promised. For instance, misleading ads may work in the meantime, but they can be detrimental over time.

Once you align your marketing and product, you’ll be able to attract high-value users and might not uninstall your app after their first session. For instance, highlighting your app’s in-game videos in ads is an excellent representation than paying for the graphics that can’t be enjoyed while using your app.

4. Provide Fresh Content Regularly

The other strategy to retain users on your mobile app is to provide fresh content regularly. The content can be a combination of blog posts, videos, and podcasts that are beneficial to your target audience. You may begin creating content based on the frequently asked questions of your users. Then, focus on the app’s comment section to get insights for your future posts.

5. Customize Your App’s User Experience (UX)

By customizing your app’s user experience, users are more engaged with your app, and you’ll be able to retain more users. In fact, personalizing your app’s UX is a good strategy to boost the number of your loyal users, which can maximize your app’s conversions.

To provide a more customized UX, collect more data on user behavior, actions, and interests. You may exploit all of this to reach users with personalized messages or content. Users enjoy getting personalized content. But, be sure to send the right content to the right users and at the right time. You must take into account your users’ specific life cycle stage to reach the right message.

6. Address App Problems Proactively

Mobile apps with many poor reviews, notable flaws, and dead silence from the developers often spell trouble. Remember that people can be vocal when something’s wrong. As the mobile app owner, it’s your job to foster loyalty and keep them happy by addressing glitches and problems proactively. Bug fixes and updates to every app are essential and must be factored into costs.

7. Optimize Your User Onboarding

A crucial step in your user journey is onboarding. It’s also the most crucial element to achieve a high retention rate. You’ve done the work of acquiring the users, and they’ve opened your app, so it’s best to guide the users through your app upon their first session.

When you’re optimizing user onboarding to boost app retention, remember the following:

  • Be Visual – Sometimes, animations or images can be the best way to get your users’ attention or convey how to use your mobile app. So, consider using some engaging visuals to make onboarding easy for users.
  • Keep It Simple – It’s crucial to highlight your app’s core features during onboarding. But you must avoid overloading your users with more information. It’s more effective to provide vital insights into your experience to ensure that users can navigate through your app with more options to get help whenever necessary. For instance, you can add a question mark icon that users may click to know more.
  • End Onboarding with A CTA – You can boost user retention by ending your onboarding with a CTA. For instance, you may ask them to enable push notifications or join a mailing list. Having shown the value of your app throughout your onboarding, it’s your best chance to loop users into your retention strategy.


A high mobile app retention rate goes hand in hand with your app’s success. That’s why it’s crucial to focus on retaining users on your mobile app. Once you implement the above strategies effectively, expect to get more loyal users and increase your sales in the long run.