Top 5 tech trends for businesses to focus on in 2019

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The changes come. The technology is evolving fast making the IT world and business adaptable.

Thus, today business owners can’t imagine their service without setting up it online and modernizing it by building-in innovative solutions for the revenue growth.

The progress of IoT, AI, Machine Learning, 5G, Digital Twins, etc. promise the technological revolution that is going to transform the market a lot in the nearest time.

Herewith, you should be ready to implement a number of updates and change the strategy to do a viable business, stay in demand, and provide consumers with the best service. To understand what lies in the future, we gather top 5 technologies to focus on in 2019 and add them to your business strategy.

Top 5 Strategic Technology Trends Businesses Need to Know

New techs emerge on the market rapidly, and some solutions update constantly enhancing the fields to be used in. Each tool promises you a certain benefit to get and improve the service depending on the business. Anyway, there are some technologies that are must-have for today and foreseeable future with the enormous potential offered. So, let’s overview the following 5 strategic technology trends to know and integrate in 2019:

  1. Internet of Things
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Blockchain
  5. AR/VR/MR

Increased IoT Connectivity

A while back, Internet of Things technology was a buzzword and now it’s a tech that is widely used over the dozens of industries. IoT is a network of various devices that can be connected to the Internet and each other collecting and sharing data for improving the service. Talking about the business, the solution provides it with:

  • predictive maintenance capabilities;
  • improved customer service;
  • real-time control over business workflows.

Making a point of the statistics, IoT solutions will be integrated by 85% of firms in 2019 and near future to streamline and automate a lot of processes.

Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays machines can simulate human intelligence, but at the same time do tasks more accurately and faster than employee, processing and analyzing a large amount of data by means of AI solutions. Artificial Intelligence can solve lots of repetitive operations of your business bringing the following benefits:

  • improved consumers experience;
  • increased sales;
  • reduced time-consuming operating expenses.

It’s not a piece of news that the number of tech businesses like Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix already use the AI technology for improving their service. It’s expected that non-tech industries will implement the Artificial Intelligence tools in the upcoming 2019 as well.

Paying heed to the fact that in 2017 the AI market was worth $4.8 billion, the solution potential is estimated to grow 20 times up to $89.8 billion by 2025. That makes a sense to invest in technology and integrate the tools in your business today.

Growing Commitment to Cybersecurity

The safety first! Ransomware is a threat to SMBs (Small and Midsize Business). Thus, setting up the business online, you should think about implementing encryption tools to eliminate the risk of malicious behavior.

According to the figures of the report, 55% of MSPs (managed service providers) detected the cyberattacks against the clients over the period of the first 6 months of 2018 only. Therefore, averagely, it’s about 5 attacks per customer a year were committed. It’s a pity, but specialists expect that the situation is going to become even worse.

That’s the very reason to integrate the security technologies to predict and disrupt the attacks to save the data from the hackers. Today you can implement the next emerging innovative technologies to impact your cybersecurity:

  • Deep learning
  • Hardware authentication
  • Data loss prevention
  • Cloud technology
  • Behavioral analytics.

Ensuring the safety of users’ personal information, you will save the clients and also attract new customers, win confidence and earn a strong reputation on the market that leads to the growth of your earnings.


We used to think about blockchain as a technology created for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other altcoins. However, the safety and security of the solution make it useful in other industries from healthcare to elections or agriculture, for example.

The technology will reshape business offering transparency, reducing friction, enabling decentralized trust. The increasing of the global blockchain market spendings up to $60 billion by 2024 is expected in the nearest future.

AR/VR/MR Experience

Immersive experience by means of such technologies as AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) change the way consumers interact with the digital world. Taking heed of Omar Akhtar’s report that shows increasing of the combined market of AR+VR from $18 billion in 2018 to$215 billion in 2021, it’s high time to think about how you can use the solutions to enhance your business revenue.

The techs will reshape business having potential in various industries like training, education, shopping, marketing, engineering, medicine, etc. Implementing the tools to your business, you can get the following advantages:

  • stand out among the competition bringing unmatched experience to your customers;
  • showcase the goods visually. Here consumers can not only imagine how it will be but see that at the moment literally;
  • attract a younger TA (target audience), because of the AR/VR/MR technologies are highly popular among the youth making them perfect for advertising.

Top 5 Tech Trends 2019: Final Thoughts

The upcoming 2019 is considered to bring plenty of breakthroughs and significant changes in the word of IT market and business, and that’s evident. Here we’ve listed the technology trends that promise business growth potential in various industries.

So, if you’re interested in the growing revenue, you’re to think about integrating the overlooked solutions. Artificial Intelligence, IoT, cybersecurity tools are not the future; it’s reality and a must-have for viable modern business. Keep on top of the changes in the digital world to be the first to integrate the innovations and take the technological lead in the field.