Top 5 problems professional electricians are called to help with


Many electrical issues could come up throughout your home. Some are simple enough to handle, such as if a bulb is blown or even if a switch or outlet is acting up and needs to be replaced.

The basic handy person can do some of these tasks easily. However, there are also some situations where it is important to call an electrician. Some people worry whether or not they should be calling the professionals, but to help you get a better idea, here are five of the biggest reasons people call an electrician to help in their home.

Tripped Breakers or Blown Fuses

Whenever your fuse box or breakers start acting up, you need to contact a professional electrician right away. A simple fuse change might be easy enough, but when it happens frequently it may be a sign of a bigger problem. You could also be dealing with a power surge or overload that your system can’t handle, and that needs to be properly addressed. If it happens regularly or becomes a nuisance, there could be a need for serious upgrades or replacements, as well.

Warmth Near Switches or Outlets

Whenever an outlet or light switch feels warm to the touch, it’s a fair assessment that there is trouble at hand. If it feels hot, this could be a sign of a fire in the walls. However, if it’s just warm to the touch, many people will call an electrician to find out if there’s a short or if the circuits are just overloaded, or to see what else could be going on.

Ungrounded Outlets

Despite how long grounded outlets have been available, there are still several homes throughout Australia that have older wiring and ungrounded outlets that don’t offer additional protection from power surges and potential shocks. Having these outlets switched out for modern, grounded outlets is safer for everyone. Too many homeowners utilise the adapters for grounded plugs and think nothing of it, but you could damage your electrical system and whatever you’re plugging in if you don’t take advantage of the grounding.

Outdated Wiring

Even if everything seems normal, some homes just have wiring that is too old and should be replaced or at least inspected. There are so many different issues that can happen as a result of having outdated wiring in a home, but the fact of the matter is that sometimes it just needs to be upgraded. In fact, the leading cause of many electrical problems that professionals see is related somehow to an outdated wiring scheme or system.

Wiring Shorts

Another area where people shouldn’t do the work themselves, and most don’t, is when there is a wiring short. If there are any kind of wiring issues within the walls that need to be addressed, it’s always best to rely on the assistance of a professional. They will be able to come in and find the problem, repair the wiring, and make any other recommendations.

Electrical Work is Dangerous

Of course, the leading reason that people choose to rely on an electrician, regardless of the problems that they are having, is because electrical work is dangerous and always best left to the professionals. There are so many potential things that could go wrong, from serious injuries to fires. It’s just not worth the risk. Whether you’re having one of the problems discussed here or any other issues with your home electrical system, call the professionals right away. They’ll be able to fix the problem, but also help you get a better idea of how your overall system is working and whether it’s time for any upgrades.