Top 5 Players’ Cases Against Casinos

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Over the past few years, the gambling industry has had its share of strange accidents that have reached European courtrooms! Whenever a player file a lawsuit against the casino, millions of dollars become at stake!

For the online gambling community, these cases become an instant trend. Basically, these issues arise as a result of the player not receiving his prize from the licensed casino. Therefore, the player goes to court to obtain his prize.

Therefore, if the casino is not holding a license the player will not be able to file a lawsuit against if an issue happens! So, we only recommend licensed Non GamStop casinos on our guide. In these casinos, you can play safely and get your full prizes even in the worst cases!

In this article, we will introduce you to the 5 most prominent cases in the gambling industry in the last years.

1.   Phil Ivey & The British Casino Crockford

The case of Phil Ivey and the British Crockford Casino is the most well-known case in the online gaming industry. Also, it is still in court at the time of writing this article although it started in 2012!

Phil Ivey is considered one of the most skilled and famous poker players in the world. He played for the British Casio Crockfords in 2012 to win a huge prize of 7.8 million pounds. However, the casino refused to pay the player his prize on the pretext that he used “illegal methods”.

Unluckily for Evie, the court confirmed the casino decision in 2014. So, Ivey did not deserve this prize, which prompted the player to appeal against the verdict in the Supreme Court.

2.   Pauline McKee & The Isle Hotel Casino

If you are a casino player then you know that winning over $41 million is something that goes beyond your dreams! However, this did come true for Pauline McKee at the Isle Hotel Casino, where he won $ 41,797,550.16!

The 80-year-old slot player was with her granddaughter when playing IGT’s Miss Kitty at the hotel’s casino while they were on family vacation. Then, she has won a jackpot! However, what happened next proved that winning this huge prize was nothing more than a dream!

When Pauline went with her granddaughter to get their prize. The casino management told them that they didn’t approve this win! Because it was a defect in the game’s software and they will escalate a report about this issue to IGT. Therefore, the casino didn’t pay the winning! So, Macy has filed a case in the Supreme Court against the Isle Hotel Casino!

In fact, there are similar cases in which the courts verdicts were in favor of the players. However, this time the court verdict is in favor of the casino; due to the presence of rules in the game stipulating that the largest amount that can be obtained is 10 thousand dollars only!

3.   Safaa Abdullah Al-Jabri Against The Ritz Club

Although this list is about people who got prizes from casinos but their prizes were blocked. This guy’s story is a little different! Safaa Abdullah Al-Jabri is a 53-year-old Swiss businessman of Arab descent who lives in London.

This man became a subject of controversy since 2015 after he went to the Ritz Club in London. He kept playing there until his money ran out! However, he did not stop playing, rather he wrote a check of 2 million pounds in favor of the casino. So that he could continue playing roulette! But he did not win at all! Moreover, he did not pay the check; claiming to be a famous gambling addict. Therefore, the casino was not supposed to let him in or agree to his check!

This forced the casino to file a lawsuit against Al-Jabri. However, the business man was smarter than Ritz Club, as he declared his bankruptcy before the case was filled to the court! Nevertheless, he was sentenced to 10 months in prison for contempt of court.

4.   Bruno Venture vs. Aerobet Casino

In 2009, 41-year-old Italian player Bruno Venturi was enjoying playing at Eurobet Casino, taking home a whopping £ 650,000 prize after wagering just £ 18 on Sixty Seconds game.

However, the casino refused to pay the player’s win! Arguing that this result was due to a “technical defect”, which forced the player to resort to the court.

However, the court verdict was in favor of the casino! Since that this defect was in the terms and conditions. “The defect caused only one bet, which he placed, to be settled on 6 spins, which give him higher odds of winning unlawfully.” the head of the casino operator company.

5.   Christian Heinz vs. Two Swiss Casinos

The case of the gambling addict Christian Heinz is the oldest on this list! In 2004, Heinz filed two cases against two casinos owned by Casinos Austria. Claiming that he had visited those casinos more than 100 times from 1997 to 2000. During these years, he had lost a lot of money due to his gambling addiction.

He claimed that the casino and its management were fully aware of his condition. However, they did not prevent him from playing! Rather they exploited and manipulated him to keep him as long as possible.

Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland uphold €2.5-million verdict against Casinos Austria company.