Top 10 legendary League of Legends players of all time

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What differs a good League of Legends player from a top LoL star? Answers usually change from one person to another.

A pert of fans thinks that the best player is who outplays every opponent with excellent mechanical skills, razor-sharp reflexes and perfect micro-management feelings. Some other people argue that the excellent player is the one able to stay coldblooded in the most intense and responsible battlefield situations, a team member knowing how to make a call and command his teammates in decisive matches. There are also fans thinking that the top player is the person able to “hack” the Summoner’s Rift rules with innovations and to introduce paths that later become the new meta for everyone from Bronze to Challenger. LoL experts are convinced all of the viewpoints above are correct. A top League of Legends player is more creative, more talented and having a more accurate sense of game moments than the overwhelming majority of excellent gamers. The combination of these three parameters is what lets everyone see the potential of a particular player long before they even enter the Challenger Tier to make their first steps in pro esports competitions.

Here is our list of top 10 legendary League of Legends players of all times.

Wunder– G2 Esports (LEC)

Wunder had been remaining unnoted for quite a lot of time previously. He was the member of Splyce team from Denmark when they qualifies to the EU LCS Spring Split in 2016 and some LoL fans noticed him as a prospective toplane player. Nevertheless, his perfect mechanical skills became undisputed for everyone only after he became a part of G2 Esports in the year of 2018.

Wunder is the real quintessence of a carry toplane professional. He has a very flexible champion pool, and also a sharp sense of the game to dominate the world’s best LoL players without even leaving them a chance.

Yes, the 2018 season wasn’t the best for G2 Esports, so they were not able to get even a single trophy. Still, the team came to Worlds 2018 and Wunder became one of the most dangerous players of the entire event.

Furthermore, the year 2019 was almost excellent. Together with G2 Esports, Wunder passed through the LEC Spring Split to qualify for the MSI tournament. There, this player finally got acknowledged as the legendary LoL esports professional. His carry playstyle and the featured Pyke were of the main instruments for G2 to win the tournament.

In summer 2019, Wunder had a slight recession, But he came back to shape in autumn to shine during Worlds. As we all know, G2 Esports kicked SKT T1 off the tournament in semifinals,  reached the Grand Final event in November and finished as the top-2 LoL team of the planet. There were only phenomenal FunPlus Phoenix who could stop them at the last point.

There’s no doubt in our minds that Wunder knows how to play toplane.

Tarzan – Griffin (LCK)

Tarzan is just a phenomenally incredible jungler. Same as his teammate Chovy, Tarzan debuted in the world’s strongest LoL league being an absolute newbie. But his play was too convictional and skilled even for the most experienced LCK esports veterans. Tarzan ganked and engaged opponents flawlessly, and became the basis for Griffin’s aggressive plays. The team could always count on him, as he did everything he could to gain the victory in every pro match.

Still, Tarzan does not build his playstyle exclusively on mechanical madskillz. He feels the enemy jungler’s position with his skin and it is difficult to understand how this player always is where the team needs him the most at every moment. The same feeling lets him find jungle invades and counterganking spots, and run around the Rift to overwhelm any opponent. The mix of thinking, creativity and talent turns Tarzan into one of the best League of Legends esports players of all times.

CoreJJ – Team Liquid (LCS)

The beginning of CoreJJ’s career in LoL was far from being called excellent. His first two professional seasons passed in teams like Bigfile Miracle, Quvic E-Sports, and Team Dignitas. He used to be an AD carry, but changed his in-game role when came to Samsung Galaxy. There, CoreJJ began to play as a support, and it was the beginning of his rising. CoreJJ became one of the best League of Legends players in the world exactly as a support.

CoreJJ is a top-tier support in any case, no matter if the team needs him to set up the fight, protect the AD carry, or roam around the entire Summoner’s Rift. He is especially good in vision controlling. It is incredibly challenging to play against the player of that high class when he dominates anyone in controlling wards. His team is always in control of every area they need even in the most critical moments of the decisive match. In turn, enemies usually understand what the word “blackout” means when playing against CoreJJ.

Moreover, it seems that CoreJJ is in the right place when in Team Liquid, so he goes on improvement. We bet very few people would be surprised if he gets to new levels in Season 10.

TheShy – Invictus Gaming (LPL)

The carry top lane playstyle godfather is most likely Smeb. However, TheShy is the player who learned everything from him and likely overcame the teacher. He tends to find the way to dominate every opponent right from the start of every match aggressively without any hesitation or fear.

Any other toplane professional would identify such tactics as extremely risky, but TheShy goes all in for duels doubtlessly. And he wins the most of them. This fact alone would be a reason serious enough to enlist him to the top ladder of most skilled and legendary LoL esports professionals, but TheShy never stopped anywhere in his development.

The splitpush master able to win 1 vs. 2 skirmishes, he takes way more attention of opponents than usual players. That means TheShy creates so much space for teammates that they can rotate around any point of the map whenever they want, and win every fight by simply outnumbering enemies.

Caps– G2 Esports (LEC)

When Caps first appeared in the EU LCS pro scene, people recognized his mechanics. The best European midlaners were falling behind him in CS farming and 1v1 duels at once, but he could then lose the advantage due to questionable and unstable moves and decisions. Nevertheless, the G2 midlaner refined his playstyle and became the pillar of strategy for Fnatic, his previous team.

Add everything mentioned above to the big variety of champions Caps can pick, and he becomes the ultimate weapon. Leaving him alone is not the option for opponents because this top LoL player is able to win the game by himself. Oppositely, the strategy focusing Caps to kick him behind means much free space for his equally talented teammates.

Caps finished second at Worlds twice – in 2018 with Fnatic, and in 2019 with G2 Esports. He definitely is hungry and bound to improve his skill even more to get higher in Season 10.

Uzi – Royal Never Give Up (LPL)

There are many players successfully combining strong mechanical reflexes and creative mind with non-typical playstyle, and Uzi is definitely one of them. He used to be famous among the community as the best ADC player of the world. He is pinpoint precise and has the absolute feeling of position. Uzi’s way to the LPL title was long, and it finished after he finally won the Spring Split in 2018. Additionally, Uzi approaches every international tournament in an excellent shape. That is why he belongs to the list of best LoL esports professionals.

What is the most wondering about Uzi is the fact he reached the top League of Legends ranks while having significant troubles with health. The player suffers of pain in shoulders and wrists, so his team needs to have substitute players to replace him in emergency. Nevertheless, RNG can always count on Uzi in critical moments.

Rookie – Invictus Gaming (LPL)

People used to see Rookie as another Korean mercenary leaving to China to earn more money. Still, his performance at the victorious Worlds 2018 competition totally reversed the community’s perception of Rookie. He just destroyed all other top-class midlane players as if they were Solo Queue Gold ranked newbies.

Still, the ability to win laning phase is not everything of his talent. No matter what IG want from him at a particular moment (fighting, splitpushing, saving other teammates, etc.), Rookie is always there giving up all he can. Rookie showed the world-class midlaner performance even when IG suffered heavy loss during MSI 2019, and at Worlds when they lost only to future champions in semifinals.

Perkz – G2 Esports (LEC)

Perkz definitely belongs to the list of most unusual LoL esports players. He first appeared in 2016 on the scene of EU LCS and climbed up to the region’s top of midlaners quite quickly. His insane mechanical skills and super-class instinct of killing was of the focus points for G2 Esports to become victorious on four consequent tournaments after that. Perkz had a colossal talent, and throughout years, he strengthened it with esports veteran experience to get the incredible sense of the game. Perkz reached his peak shape as a middle lane pro player in 2018 and reached the semifinal clash of Worlds. G2 then fell at the hand of Invictus Gaming, who became world champions in their next game.

After that, Perks chose the most unexpected, unthinkable move. Yes, he changed his in-game role. He was one of the world’s best LoL midlane players of esports class, and he still decided himself to start playing as the ADC to let another skilled teammate occupy the middle position.

People thought Perkz just fired a shot to his own leg. Nevertheless, he made all the criticisms sit still after turning into the LEC best marksman and dominating every opponent to win the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational. Then, he came back to become the World’s top 2 with G2 Esports. And it seems that he is ready to become the top 1 in 2020.

Faker – SKT T1 (LCK)

Of course he is here. Faker. Let’s make it clear: even phenomenal FPX roster with their spectacular and unexpected victory at Worlds 2019 isn’t even close to the greatness of this LoL legend. He has been remaining on top of the strongest ladders for so long nobody can doubt Faker is the best.

He is a competitive monster. The level of pressure Faker puts on opponents’ midlaner is frequently unbearable for them. Enemy coaches and captains simply must build strategies against SKT T1 and personally against Faker, as he alone can turn the game tides.

Later into the game, Faker becomes the team’s Ace, the unstoppable playmaker finding and using even the slightest weakness of his opponents. When he gets ahead, he immediately starts breaking the enemy defense with roaming and teleporting.

Faker’s individual achievements come along with his almost flawless competitive records, and it is almost impossible to imagine any player kicking him out of the LoL summit, at least until he decides to retire from professional gaming.

Honorable Place: FunPlus Phoenix Worlds 2019 Roster

Every LoL fan probably knows their nicknames already. These guys made something everyone thought to be impossible. Gimgoon, Tian, Doinb, Lwx and Crisp – all of these five young League of Legends prospects appeared at Worlds 2019 for the very first time in their lives. And they won the title.

So, we cannot name them the best LoL players of all times, but they definitely belong to the pantheon of greatest stars nowadays.