Tips to write about a subject you know nothing about

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How to write an essay on a subject you know little about

The main issue of the majority of students is the necessity of writing an essay with little knowledge on some certain topic. It might be a book they didn’t read or some historical event they know nothing about. And here comes the problem.

Many students start panicking. The shade of doubt is right above them because even finding any piece of information, they don’t know for sure whether it is correct or not.

Going to some essay service is a great choice. There are plenty of authors who are focused on different, diverse topics. But how to write a proper essay yourself when you barely know something about the topic you will write about.

Don’t Let the Panic Catch You

The very first reaction is obvious. When you are given an unfamiliar topic, you are not happy or calm at all. Panic comes first, making you forget about everything around you. But panic is not a helper.

You need to find the best way to calm yourself down. Students have the best way to chill a little. Just asking their mates about what they know about this subject would give you enough confidence that you are not the only one caught in such a messy situation.

Just give yourself some rest and start thinking about your further steps. There are no ways to avoid writing an essay, so try doing your best to perform the best paper possible.

Learn Some New Definitions

The very first step to start working is research. First of all, you have to find out the meaning of every single unknown word provided. The best way to do that is just to type “Define:*word you are looking for*.”

But it is not only about the definitions. You also have to know at least something about the event you are going to describe. For this reason, Wikipedia is your helper. Of course, you will not use it as your main source, but you will be able to know at least some basics about something you would like to find.

This way, you are able to start.

Start Your Research

When you knew basic information about the subject you are going to write about, start researching.

Wikipedia is still a helper because it gives you a starting point. Going down to the list of sources, you will be able to find real papers describing some issues. It is the important part to begin with.

After that, your main goal is to find an alternate thought on the topic you are writing about. If it is about some historical events, you will be able to find it in less than 10 minutes.

Begin With Writing Your Essay

When you begin writing, you have to get your first draft of a paper. This way, you will be able to just include all the information you have found, without thinking much about the structure.

After completing this draft, you will have an opportunity to check whether you have included everything in it and if there are any ways to improve your arguments.

Moreover, think twice before entering some fact you found online. Make sure, that the source you are going to use is a reliable one.

Give Yourself Some Break

After having a first draft, you don’t have to torture yourself with this paper. If you do so you may get exhaustion, hatred of this task, and overall failure.

Find some time to rest and not think much about your paper. Watching an episode of some show, or an hour playing a video game will be a perfect way to refresh.

But don’t rest for too long. This way, you will lose all the willingness to continue your work.

Complete More Research

After having a rest, you will feel refreshed and ready to find even more solutions to make your article successful. First of all, reread your paper again, and see, whether your arguments are strong. You will see whether it is possible to build a proper logical structure.

However, don’t hesitate to search for some more information about the topic. In most cases, essay topics require more controversial opinions and want you to express them in the best way possible. For this reason, finding more reliable sources that will give you an opportunity to have an alternate view on the situation, is important.

Start Editing

After more research, you have to get back to the draft of your text. Now, when all the facts are combined, you have to provide a great readable structure of it.

Exclude all the information that is unnecessary and stay with the facts. Add your opinion on a certain topic and decide for yourself what will be your very own insight on this subject.

Create a proper structure with pros and cons. Stay unique, and use different literary methods to make your paper look great.

Proofread Your Paper

The best way to have your paper successful is proofreading. This way, you can either do it yourself or ask someone else for help.

If you decided to make everything on your own, have a little break again. You have to be fully reloaded to have a fresh sight on the topic you have written about. Check everything starting from your facts and arguments to regular grammar mistakes.

Or else, you can ask someone else to look through your paper to find out if there is something wrong. The best way is to ask an expert, who knows how to write an essay. In fact, some students have an opportunity to ask their tutors to check out, whether the essay is good, and if there are ways to make it better. You can also request help from professional paper writing service.

Check For Plagiarism

The main issue of writing about a subject you know nothing about is risk of plagiarism. Many students try to avoid showing that they know nothing about something by using many quotes and references.

This way, they provide the text that includes no thoughts, no interesting facts, but a rewrite of some research.

Of course, you have to provide quotes to enhance your position, but be careful and check your text after completing it. Make sure, that you provide a unique paper.

Send Your Work!

After that, you can just send your paper to the tutor, and wait for feedback. The best way is to send it in advance, asking for some recommendations. It would not only give you an opportunity to ask for some help but will show that you are open to critique and ready to work for the best result.

And this way, you will not only finish your essay but also will learn something new for yourself.