Tips to Find the Best Brand Strategy Agency in London


Would you like to work with a brand strategy agency in London?

If you feel like your competitors are outsmarting you in your industry or you have reached a plateau when it comes to attracting customers, perhaps now is the best time to switch things up. With the expertise of a brand strategy agency, you can work on building a better image, improving your reputation and growing as a company.

But, how can you choose the best brand strategy agency to work with? A quick Google search will show that there are a lot of agencies out there in London. So, you are going to have to narrow it down to find the right fit for your brand. Here are some tips on what you should be looking for.

Look for Experience

One of the most important things you need to look at if you are determined to find the best brand strategy agency in London is experience. A good agency is going to have a number of years under its belt, which demonstrates that they have worked with clients successfully and gained a good reputation. A lot of business owners feel anxious about working with a new agency and having experience can put your mind at ease. For example, Recipe Design is based in London and they have over 15 years of experience and boast an award-winning team. This allows you to feel comfortable handing over such a big responsibility to them since they have the credentials to deliver results.

Choose a Specialist

Do you feel like the industry you are in is unique and different to others? Would you like to receive specialist advice when it comes to your brand? Perhaps it would be best to look for a brand strategy agency that caters specifically to your industry. This can give you peace of mind that the team knows what they are doing. A specialist brand strategy agency should be more knowledgeable when it comes to a specific industry. They should be aware of what works and what the current trends are. This can help you achieve better results.

View Case Studies

A lot of brand strategy agencies will display the names of brands they have worked with in the past. In particular, they are going to namedrop popular and famous names so that it can entice you to hire them. Indeed, this is something that works and it can be reassuring to see that huge companies are working with a certain brand strategy agency.

But, you want to make sure that you see evidence of what brand strategy agencies can do. It is not enough to rely on the namedropping. Instead, you have to look for case studies on their website. Most reputable brand strategy agencies will have case studies you can read and display all the information you need to know about what they have achieved. This is going to allow you to gain a better idea of how the team works and what they might be able to do for you.

Reach Out and Ask Questions

Hiring a brand strategy agency is a big deal and it is not a decision that should be rushed. You want to ensure that you are choosing an agency you feel comfortable with since you are going to be handing over a certain amount of responsibility to them. So, before you hire a brand strategy agency, contact them and see what their customer service is like. This is your opportunity to ask questions and get to know more about the company.

The best brand strategy agencies in London are going to want you to contact them. Namely, they are going to answer you quickly and be able to answer all of your questions. The responses should be pleasant and welcome more queries. If you get the opposite response then this is not an agency you want to be working with.

Go With Your Gut

Sometimes, you can read pages and pages of information on a company. But, something feels off. Perhaps this is the way the website is designed or the response you have received from asking a question. Either way, if you do not get a good feeling about a brand strategy agency, it is best to move on.

In other words, do not be afraid to go with your gut. If something is telling you that there is something missing, do not question it. It can be easy to talk yourself out of something simply because you cannot describe how you feel. But, you have to remember that you will be working closely with the brand strategy agency. So, you want to feel comfortable with the team you are going to hire.