Tips and secrets to make you an Instagram master


Instagram is so much in trend these days that we need not introduce it. Unknown to some, it is a photo and video sharing social media platform.

To be in the market and compete with other social media platforms, Instagram brings out new features and updates to the app often. Whether you have hands-on experience of the app or you are new to it, below are the various tips for using Instagram.

Creating Profile and Letting the People Know You

You can join Instagram for free and create your personal or business account. You need to choose a unique username or handle. Instagram gives you the privilege to edit your profile with a vast menu. You can change your profile picture, add a bio or a link to a website. You can keep your real name or use a pseudonym which is of no concern to the photo-sharing giant. Private information like phone number, gender, etc. aren’t public and the interesting thing is that these are not mandatory to fill.

Finding the Followers for your Account

If you are new to Instagram, then you need to search for the followers for your account. You can select the option of Find Friends which show the friends active on Instagram linked through Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you want to add somebody specific, you can search by name, tag or handle. Here is the way to buy Instagram followers.

You can also follow the celebrities and your favorite companies on Instagram. It can be the source of inspiration for you.

Using the Free Instagram Tools

Business profile on Instagram can analyze the statistical data that is provided by the app. It is under the tab ‘Insights’ which tells about the engagement data, impressions, and more. There are specific insights which are available like for a specific post or a specific time period.

Creating Sponsored Ads

Ads on Instagram have gained popularity over a period of time. You can set your budget for the spending on this ad. Sponsored ads give an all-new horizon for the companies as it is circulated to the new customer base. If it was a general post, then the people following your account could only see it. Sponsored ads could be in the form of photo, video, carousel or stories.

Hashtagging at its best

For greater reach on Instagram, you must use the interactive hashtags. It is thebest way to let the customers go through all the posts related to the account. Followers can also use the hashtag as an ode to the brand.

Instagram is the dominant player in the social media landscape. With billions of likes in a day, it’s your turn to catch some of them. Using the app correctly and diligently can produce much better results and a lot of followers.

It is important to use the right features and tools for the successful Instagram account and building up followers.