Three top tools to power up Salesforce and improve performance


For companies looking to improve the performance of their sales teams, having the right technology is essential.

Enabling your staff to adequately compete with market rivals, your workers require software that allows them to effectively manage leads and contacts, and this is something that should not only be chosen with care, but optimised wherever possible.

While this doesn’t have to take the form of the most expensive or advanced tech on the market, it does need to be able to compete with the tools available to your competitors if you hope to match them in terms of performance, and there are certain apps out there that are designed to help you do this, especially for those companies who use Salesforce.

Salesforce is a customer relationship management service that is specially designed to help businesses optimise their leads, contacts, and processes, this software suite can do much to enhance performance and profitability – in particular, when it is accompanied by certain apps. With this in mind, here are three Salesforce-compatible companies that you might want to look into.


As we mentioned above, there are numerous apps available to help companies make the most of the tools Salesforce endows them with, and one of these is the Salesforce data enrichment tech available from Lusha. Working to auto-enrich the leads of companies who use it, it’s specifically crafted to give teams more time to focus on closing their sales as opposed to monotonously and manually updating records, which can help to deliver a significant upturn in performance in the long term. Not only does this make it eminently useful, but it is also designed in such a way that it is incredibly simple and straightforward to use, as it connects directly to a company’s account once it has been downloaded.

Adobe Sign

In addition to Lusha, Adobe Sign is another app that comes highly recommended. Designed to speed up business transactions, its purpose is to enable companies like yours to create, send, sign, track, and file agreements quickly and securely via your Salesforce software. This is not only useful in reducing human error and improving data accuracy, but has the added boon of improving compliance across your business as a whole. And, if this did not already seem attractive, the five-star rated app has the advantage of offering a 30-day trial to get you started.

Sumo Scheduler

While there are many wonderful apps out there to help companies optimise Salesforce software, there is only one final addition that we have chosen to include on this list: the incredibly useful Sumo Scheduler. Coming with a five-star rating, this tech has been designed to optimise business productivity, by outfitting companies with appointment, event, and queue schedulers.

Its overarching aim is to transform the way you engage with your customers, and it has spent 10 years building on, and improving, its product, so that the end result is effective, useful, and fully automated.

Tell us, would any of these apps be of benefit to your business?