These 5 unique features the Frenchie App Yubo created to build a safe social space for teens online


Online safety is a concern for all, but when it comes to younger users, its importance cannot be overstated.

Gen Z rely on the Internet as one of their primary means of communication, yet little is done to ensure social networks provide a healthy space for them to connect and be themselves. Yubo addresses this concern by focusing on teenage users. The friendly meeting app has designed some unique features to help make finding their tribe a safe and empowering experience.

1.     Age Gates: A Compelling Way to Make Their Friendly Meeting App Safe for All

The friendly meeting app Yubo takes its users’ safety very seriously and believes in keeping them from going through any uncomfortable experiences. This starts by making sure they only connect with their peers. On traditional social networks, anyone gets to expose others to the content they share whether it is appropriate for teens or not. Unfortunately, young, impressionable minds can be negatively affected by this unfiltered information and develop unhealthy behaviours.

To make certain their young users only interact with people in the same age group, Yubo teamed up with Yoti to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to a neutral network learning system called YAS, the app anonymously checks its users’ age by comparing their facial features to several thousands of age-verified faces. Once the process is complete, the image is deleted and no data is stored.

2.     ID Verification: Real Identities for Real Connections

Knowing that the people they interact with on the app are the same age is not enough to ensure everyone takes responsibility for what they share. The friendly meeting app wants to promote real connections by having its users pledge their identity if they wish to access all the features. They have to upload their passport or ID along with a photo. A face recognition algorithm then checks that everything is in order.

Many social network users get away with posting inappropriate content because they know they don’t have to take responsibility for it. On Yubo, the whole point is to make meaningful interactions and to be genuine. There is simply no room for fake accounts.

3.     Real Time Interventions: No Way to Bend the Rules

Yubo relies on a combination of algorithms and human moderators to guarantee the safety of its users. Bullying, violence, hate speech, nudity or even showing up in their underwear will cause Yuboers to receive an immediate warning. Thanks to an advanced detection system, the friendly meeting app alerts moderators in real time whenever the situation requires it. In the case of nudity, when certainty is high, the algorithm even shuts down the live stream automatically. In 95% of cases, users who receive a notification comply right away. If they do not, Yubo’s teams have the ability to block their devices temporarily or indefinitely.

4.     Easy Preference and Reporting System: Yubo Users Are Never Alone

The friendly meeting app wants its users to feel safe and supported. If they experience any problems or concerns, they can easily get in touch with the app’s Security Centre by tapping the flag icon and have access to a very clear interface to report issues. A system of buttons allows them to state the nature of the problem and the people involved. They also receive suggestions as to the steps they can take to address the situation.

All claims are processed within 24 hours and measures are taken if necessary. Whenever a toxic user is identified – through reporting or otherwise – their account is restricted until they agree to the community guidelines and prove that they are willing to respect them.

Yuboers can also set their own preferences so their experience can be tailored to their level of comfort. Thus, if they prefer not to talk with certain people or don’t want their location to be disclosed, there are no obligations.

5.     Dedicated Law Enforcement Guide: The Ultimate in Proactive Safety

Yubo is fully transparent about how it operates. Whenever a safety risk is identified, it is immediately reported to the competent authorities. Similarly, if law enforcement requests data, the information is disclosed openly.

Yubo upgrades its safety features on a constant basis and strives to stay on top of any threat the online world could expose teens to. They allow innovation to be the driving force behind the Yubo experience.

The friendly meeting app veers away from the traditional social network model by building a digital community where users are taught to be genuine, to act responsibly, and to respect one another. By enforcing simple yet strong guidelines, it instils in them the value of coming together and cultivating meaningful exchanges. Yuboing is all about showing acceptance and openness all while striving to be the best version of oneself. Yuboers love to build support systems and to be there for one another, affirming their identities through helping friends discover their own.